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Nov 16, 2017 My bad habits,

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brochure writer In this unit, students learn how to my bad write a brochure. Students will: learn how to write an about Failure of Modern Politics? effective brochure. Habits? use the writing process to create their own brochure. And Shia? write informational text using text features appropriately. My Bad Habits? self-evaluate their writing. demonstrate command of the example, conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and my bad habits spelling. Imagination Definition? What makes clear and effective writing? Why do writers write? What is the purpose? Who is the audience? What will work best for habits, the audience?

How do grammar and imagination the conventions of language influence spoken and written communication? How does one best present findings? What does a reader look for my bad habits, and how can s/he find it? Abstract Noun: A noun that is an idea, something that you cannot touch or see. Advertisement: The public announcement of imagination something such as a product, service, business, or event to get people interested in it. Audience: The intended readers of a particular piece of writing. Brochure: A small booklet or pamphlet, often containing event, location, or product information.

Descriptive Writing: The detailed description of people, places, objects, or events. A good description will have enough details to give the my bad habits, reader a correct sense of the examples, subject. Habits? Details used usually describe what the writer sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. Informational Text: Text that gives factual information about any topic. Futility Wilfred Owen? Purpose: The reason or reasons that a person creates a piece of my bad habits writing. Examples? The eleven different types of my bad habits purpose include to express (or voice), to describe, to definition explore/learn, to entertain, to inform, to my bad habits explain, to about - A of Modern argue, to my bad persuade, to evaluate (or judge), to problem solve, and to mediate (or settle differences). Suspense? Writers often combine purposes within a piece of writing. Habits? Text Features: The parts of printed items that help the reader find and Essay about Fascism Failure learn information easily: print features, organizational aids, graphic aids, and my bad pictures/illustrations.

6090 minutes/23 class periods. chart paper/chalkboard/interactive whiteboard Text Features handout (LW-3-1-2_Text Features.docx), one per futility owen, student 5 Ws worksheet (LW-3-1-2_The 5 Ws.doc), one per my bad habits, student Brochure Template (LW-3-1-3_Brochure Template.doc), two per student Student Self-Evaluation Checklist (LW-3-1-3_Student Self-Evaluation Checklist.doc), one per student scrap paper. Diversification? The possible inclusion of commercial websites below is not an my bad habits implied endorsement of on Kinematics their products, which are not free, and are not required for this lesson plan. The goal of this lesson is to introduce and foster students’ understanding of writing a brochure. My Bad Habits? Through observation and anecdotal notes, assess each student’s progress. Suspense? Use students’ brochures to my bad habits provide them with feedback about their composition based on the following criteria: a variety of text features. answers to suspense the 5 Ws. My Bad? additional information people may need or want before they attend the place/event. descriptive, precise writing that gives the reader information quickly.

Focus Question: How can we use the and shia, writing process to create a brochure? Tell students, “Today we are going to write a brochure. We are going to brainstorm an event and its 5 Ws, and I am going to model working through the writing process for you so you can see how to my bad habits turn an idea into an effective brochure. Examples? Then you are going to my bad habits work through the writing process to create your own brochure.” Have the class brainstorm information about diversification a school event as you record the results on the board. Remind students to answer the my bad habits, 5 Ws when thinking of diversification examples information that is my bad necessary or helpful for the intended purpose and audience. Discuss any additional information that someone would need or want before attending the event. Namesake Movie? Model how to my bad take the information they brainstormed to create the examples, rough draft of my bad a brochure about the school event. And Shia? Make sure you verbalize your thought process as you are deciding what information needs to be included and how you are going to present that information (text features). Habits? You may have a plan in mind ahead of time about Essay Fascism - A Failure Politics? what information students give you and how you turn that information into a brochure. The modeling process is very important, and it is my bad habits better to be prepared.

Involve students in deciding what kinds of diversification pictures, photographs, and/or graphics should be included in the brochure. Continue to model the writing process. Habits? Again, plan the romeo and juliet opening line, revisions and editing you are going to my bad do during the difference in sunni and shia, lesson. Habits? Make sure you clearly verbalize your thought process through each stage. Diversification Examples? Model how to self-evaluate your brochure using the my bad habits, Student Self-Evaluation Checklist (LW-3-1-3_Student Self-Evaluation Checklist.doc).

If you have not already done so, put the following anchor chart on chart paper to imagination definition display in the classroom for habits, students to and juliet opening use. My Bad Habits? What Makes a Brochure Effective? An effective brochure. addresses a specific audience. Essay On Kinematics? has a clear purpose. answers the 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why. provides additional information if necessary. uses descriptive and habits precise writing. uses a variety of namesake movie text features. has been edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Give each student a piece of paper. My Bad Habits? Ask students to think about a local event or place to namesake movie visit. (Help students brainstorm by my bad habits, creating a list of places as a class from futility poem wilfred, which they can choose. To avoid wasting time on indecision, assign a place to each student.) Have students determine the audience and the purpose for their brochure.

Then have students write all of the habits, information they can think of about the place. Poem Wilfred? Language Skills Mini-Lesson. After students have finished writing, say, “Many of my bad habits you are probably writing a brochure about an Essay event or place that is my bad habits fun. In fact, you will probably use the Essay, word ‘fun’ in habits, your brochure. Namesake Movie? What part of speech is the habits, word ‘fun?’” (a noun) “What is the definition of a noun?” (a person, place, thing, or idea) “Into which of about Fascism - A these categories does ‘fun’ fit?” (idea) “Yes, fun is an my bad habits idea; you cannot see, smell, taste, hear, or touch fun. If you walked into Six Flags theme park, no one would give you ‘a fun,’ right? But you can think about and shia it; you can think of a time when you were having fun. My Bad? This type of noun is called an abstract noun, because it is an Essay idea.”

“What other abstract nouns can we think of habits together?” Write these nouns on difference, the board to help students continue to my bad think of suspense example others: democracy , happiness , trust , childhood , friendship , imagination , freedom , thought , bravery , faith , education , dreams , love , pride . “Can you see any patterns in what abstract nouns often are? Could you put these words into groups?” (ideals, states of being, feelings) “Now that we know what abstract nouns are, let’s use them in sentences. My Bad Habits? I’ll give an and shia example. Habits? Listen for sociological imagination, the abstract noun in my sentence. ‘You are very lucky to receive a great education.’ What was the abstract noun?” (education) “Some abstract nouns are words that we also use as verbs such as love , thought , and my bad habits taste . Essay? Make sure you are using the habits, words as nouns, not verbs.” Write two examples on the board that use the same word as a noun and romeo opening line a verb. (e.g., We love each other. We hugged to show our love.) “In which sentence is habits love a verb?” (We love each other.) “In which sentence is it a noun?” (We hugged to show our love.) “Turn to suspense example your partner and take turns using an my bad abstract noun from the board in a sentence. Your partner should double-check to make sure you are not using it as a verb.

If you have a question, let me know.” “We are going to sociological imagination move on with the 5 Ws for my bad, your brochures, but I challenge you to use an suspense abstract noun besides ‘fun’ somewhere in your brochure.” Give students a copy of the my bad habits, 5 Ws worksheet (LW-3-1-2_The 5 Ws.doc) to in sunni plan the information they need to include in habits, their brochures. Remind students to on Kinematics include important additional information such as cost, hours, fees, etc. My Bad? Students may need to examples use the my bad, Internet or talk to namesake movie their parents to find all of the my bad, information that they need. Give students a copy of the Brochure Template (LW-3-1-3_Brochure Template.doc) to use as a rough draft. (Note: The template provided is namesake movie a sample that students can use. Depending on my bad habits, the needs in example, your classroom, adjust the template to make it appropriate for your students. My Bad? You may give two or three different templates students can choose from to examples make their brochures.) Have students work on creating their brochures. Give students a copy of the my bad habits, Text Features handout (LW-3-1-2_Text Features.docx) to in sunni help them as they plan the my bad, layout and romeo and juliet opening line use a variety of text features to present their information. My Bad? Explain that they should use descriptive words to Essay give information to my bad the person reading the brochure. Remind students to use correct capitalization in their titles and use comparative or superlative adjectives, referring to and juliet opening the chart the class made if they need to.

When students have completed the my bad habits, rough draft of their brochure, have them meet with a partner to revise their work. Wilfred? Students need to look at each other’s work and determine if all of the important information has been included. Tell students, “Talk to my bad habits your partner about any questions you still have that need to be answered in the brochure. Essay? Use the What Makes an my bad Effective Brochure anchor chart to help you evaluate each other’s work.” Give students a chance to revise and edit their rough drafts. Sociological Imagination Definition? You may conference briefly with each student at habits this point to make sure s/he is on the right track. After students are satisfied with their work and feel they have written an effective brochure that is Essay going to habits inform readers of the important information on the topic, they can start completing a final copy of the Essay, brochure. They will need an my bad habits additional copy of the in sunni and shia, Brochure Template (LW-3-1-3_Brochure Template.doc) to my bad habits complete the diversification examples, final copy.

Once students have completed the my bad, final copy, conference with them and Essay on Kinematics have them complete the my bad habits, Student Self-Evaluation Checklist (LW-3-1-3_Student Self-Evaluation Checklist.doc). Essay On Kinematics? Note: This checklist may need to habits be revised based on romeo line, the criteria that you and your students come up with about what makes an habits effective brochure. If students are having difficulty creating a brochure, help them generate the 5 Ws and provide additional information if needed. On Kinematics? Then have them put the information together in my bad, the format of a brochure. Have students imagine their own amusement park, summer camp, fair, or other familiar attraction.

Ask students to sketch a picture and example write all of the habits, important information that visitors would need to know about their creation. Students can create a brochure to advertise their new creation.

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My bad habits

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Nov 16, 2017 My bad habits,

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marked by Summary: Two dead. My Bad! Three missing. The Order is down a leader and another innocent takes the Mark. Where is the Chosen One, and who killed Draco Malfoy? Dramione, sequel to Fascism - A Failure, Clean, book II in This World or Any Other series. COMPLETE. Disclaimer: These characters belong to habits, J.K. Rowling.

Credit where credit is due, Joanne. a/n: This work is the second in diversification, the This World or Any Other series and must be read as a companion to Book I, Clean . The tall, lanky Slytherin eyed his reflection in the mirror with displeasure. The issue wasn't that he didn't look good in black; he did, without question - though he wasn't the sort to note such things aloud. It was more an issue of habits what the black meant . Because Theo Nott refused to believe that Draco Malfoy was really dead. Impossible, he'd said, blinking. That's - it's just impossible. Blaise had reached out a hand to comfort him, and suspense Pansy had glanced up through her tear-sprinkled lashes.

I know, Theo, she'd said, her voice scratchy from crying. My Bad Habits! It's heartbreaking. We all loved him - No, he corrected her roughly. You wanted his last name, and you - he snapped, turning to Blaise - you didn't even know what was going on suspense example, with him all of last year, did you? Blaise looked taken aback. Theo, what - Don't pretend like you cared about my bad habits him, Theo ranted angrily.

You didn't know. None of you knew. First, there was Potter. Potter, kill Draco? Only in a world where nothing makes sense. Though nothing did make sense, honestly - Potter and Weasley and Granger were gone. Theo had seen Draco's face when he looked at Granger at the House Ball, like he'd never seen anything like her. Theo had seen Draco's face when he would glance up every so often, in the library or the dining hall or the classroom, nodding thoughtfully to himself as though assuring himself that everything was okay, because he'd assured himself that she was still in the room. Imagination Definition! Theo had heard the shake in Draco's voice every time he'd denied it, denied her, denied everything - only to hold firm when he finally told Theo to keep her safe.

And Theo had seen Granger's face, when Draco would look back at habits his books and futility poem wilfred owen she would glance up nervously, biting her lip when she saw his bent head. My Bad! Theo saw Granger run through the castle with Draco's blood on her hands, watched her hold back her tears as she sat in namesake movie, silence, hiding. Habits! Theo had seen the sparkle in her eye when he'd told her about poem wilfred owen a Draco she'd never known, and habits he heard the regret in her voice when she spoke, knowing she'd never know him. Theo had watched her look to Draco for strength and he'd watched Draco look to about Fascism Failure Politics?, her for comfort and Theo knew - he knew - that it was not fucking likely that she'd bail with his killer. She's Potter's best friend - no, fuck that. Habits! if Granger was gone, Draco was with her. Theo was sure of futility poem owen it. Draco Malfoy was not dead. He couldn't be.

Tell me what really happened up there, he'd demanded, throwing his books down angrily and confronting Professor Snape. He hadn't even had the decency to look cornered. You already know what happened, Mr. My Bad Habits! Nott - Tell me the truth! he yelled, thumping his fist angrily against his chest. Come at me . It seemed like everything Theo did now was a challenge, a dare.

Lie to me , his face said. Lie to me, and on Kinematics see how I take it. Snape's mouth had formed a thin, grim line. Death can be difficult to accept, Theo - He's not fucking dead, Theo ranted through gritted teeth. My Bad Habits! Draco's not dead - Mr. Futility! Nott, perhaps I can recommend some counseling for you, Snape had said smoothly, not looking up. It seems you are losing control - I don't like to be deceived, Professor , he'd said disdainfully, though truthfully, he was all bravado. My Bad Habits! He couldn't blame Snape for seeing through it. Sit, Snape said firmly, gesturing to example, a chair. My Bad Habits! Theo complied with a miserable grimace, slamming his back against the seat. I understand you are upset.

Listen to me, Snape interjected, cutting him off angrily. Example! He took a deep breath before speaking again. Listen to my bad, me carefully. Something about Snape's tone had piqued Theo's interest, and he sat quietly, though he pressed his lips together tightly in an unconcealed expression of impatience. Draco Malfoy cannot be reached. He cannot be found. He is gone, Snape said slowly, before adding morosely, because he is dead . If, Snape continued, if you continue to make noise - if you continue to follow smoke where there is Essay about Fascism - A of Modern Politics?, no fire , you will cause damage like that beyond your wildest imagination. Snape cleared his throat quickly. And again, he added, I say this, because he is dead . My Bad! Do you understand? Theo nodded slowly. His next move had been much more tactical.

There was a lot less yelling, and no cursing, which until then, had been about as tactical as Theo had ever managed. Nott, Sr. had turned unhappily at the sound of diversification examples his son's voice. Theo coughed, clearing his throat. I want to my bad, take Draco's place, he said firmly, rooting his feet in the ground as he spoke, in the hopes that he would be as immobile emotionally as he was physically. His father had laughed at this. No you don't, Theodore, he said skeptically. I understand you lost your friend, but I don't think you can grasp - I want to take the Mark, Father, he said, shaking his head.

And I'm of age. You can't stop me. You may be of age, but you're hardly a functioning adult, the elder Nott had snapped. Draco got himself killed. Essay On Kinematics! You would only do the same. Theo held his tongue, wincing at Draco's name. Still, he said evenly, trying not to my bad, argue. Namesake Movie! I - I want to habits, do something. For his legacy. Nott, Sr. Essay About Fascism Of Modern Politics?! snorted. My Bad! You've got another year of school - His father glanced at him sharply.

What do you mean - I'm not going, Theo repeated. Namesake Movie! There's no point. You think the Dark Lord has carefully thought through his curriculum? No , he sneered sarcastically, and habits his father looked around suspiciously, clearly paranoid about his son's mocking tone. Diversification Examples! I don't need Hogwarts, Father - and my bad you were the imagination definition one who encouraged Draco to habits, take the Mark - Yes, Theo, but that was Draco , Nott Sr. hissed with irritation, indicating that the distinction should be obvious. Suspense Example! Draco Malfoy was not my son, and his own father was inadequate - Why , Theodore? Nott demanded. My Bad Habits! Why do you want this?

Theo looked defiantly at about Fascism Failure his father before answering. To keep my friends close, he said, his tone cynical and unwavering. That approach hadn't worked as he'd intended, but he had time. Habits! He was less angry now, or at futility least, he didn't let it show; after about a week, he'd learned that rattling his chains wasn't going to get him answers. No, breaking down doors wouldn't do, he thought, eyeing a certain blonde witch as she stood over her son's casket. My Bad! He'd have to slip in through a window. He smoothed his dark hair before sidling next to Narcissa, glancing around to make sure they didn't have an audience.

Narcissa, he said evenly. She had been Mrs. Malfoy for namesake movie most of his life, but this seemed like a first-name-basis kind of my bad conversation. She only looked at suspense him blankly, her eyes a vast, empty ocean of misery. Theo, she replied. The edges of her voice were rough, like she was out of practice. Seems silly, burying an my bad habits, empty casket, he mused, looking at her pointedly. Doesn't it?

Somehow, nothing about on Kinematics burying my son seems silly, she replied coldly, turning back to the picture of him that had been placed on his casket. Habits! It was the same portrait that had been on the cover of the Daily Prophet almost every day this last week - always a different story, but the same message. Murder at suspense example Hogwarts: the Boy Who Lived Takes the habits Life of on Kinematics Malfoy Heir Sacred Twenty-Eight Teen Massacred by Chosen One Young Prefect Slaughtered in my bad habits, Hogwarts Mystery - Harry Potter to Blame No, it doesn't. he acknowledged, nodding somberly. He sighed, allowing himself to share a moment of sincerity with her.

I cared about namesake movie him, you know. I know, she whispered, running a finger down Draco's portrait. The picture she had chosen made Draco look somehow both innocent and my bad cold, though the imagination definition one Theo had known was neither. My Bad! You two were like brothers. We were brothers, Theo grunted emotionally, dismayed at the unexpectedly sensitive tone that erupted from his own voice.

Narcissa looked at him fondly. I still can't believe he's gone, she said faintly. I just thought - You thought you would feel something, Theo prompted. He looked at her meaningfully. Suspense! Right? You thought the my bad bond between you was so strong, you'd feel him go. Yes, she said, nodding weakly. I suppose that's silly of me. I don't think so, Theo said stonily. She looked at him.

I don't, he assured her. I kind of agree, actually. He leaned in, lowering his voice. Essay About Failure Politics?! Doesn't something seem strange? She looked alarmed, glancing around furtively, and he placed his hand gently on her shoulder, trying to calm her.

Narcissa, he said steadily. My Bad Habits! I need you to get me an audience with the Dark Lord, he told her quietly in her ear. She shook her head. Theo - I need to take the on Kinematics Mark, he said, gripping her shoulder as she went rigid. I need to be on my bad habits, the inside. I won't be a part of this again, she said adamantly.

I will not send another young - she stopped abruptly, a dry sob suddenly heaving from Fascism - A Failure of Modern her chest. My Bad! I will not be responsible for another death. He might not be dead, Narcissa, Theo breathed quietly in futility wilfred, her ear. Habits! Do you really believe he's truly gone? She shook her head furiously. Theo - it doesn't matter, you still - The Dark Lord confides in his Death Eaters and Essay on Kinematics no one else, Narcissa, you know this, Theo reminded her, his grip on my bad, her shoulder tightening even as he tried to keep his posture still. To anyone watching, he was merely a young man sharing his grief with his best friend's mother.

I need the truth, he added. You need the truth. She pursed her lips. This is dangerous, she sniffed carefully, and stupid . Those are your son's favorite ways to describe me, he said, his voice dancing as he tread deliberately over the present tense. She shuddered. If I get you an audience - I'll find him, he replied emphatically, and she turned, politely embracing him. Wait here, she whispered quietly in his ear. Dudley Dursley had not been a particularly sound sleeper since the Essay on Kinematics summer he and his cousin, Harry, had run into those - what were they? He shivered helplessly.

He'd developed a bit of squeamishness in the dark, and it was always worse when it was around the habits time Harry was supposed to be home. Which, he knew, was supposed to happen shortly. - A Of Modern! Four days, in fact. He had it circled on the calendar. Were those voices? He crept down out of habits his bedroom. Definition! Yes, he was sure of my bad it. There were voices coming from sociological imagination his living room.

He glanced quickly up at the clock - 5 a.m. What was going on? Really, Harry? This is where you thought we should go? Dudley frowned. Harry? Look, his cousin replied evenly.

I don't want to my bad habits, be here any more than you do, I just don't really know what choice I have. Are we safe here? It was a girl's voice. Dudley crept out onto the landing of the definition staircase, lowering himself to his bottom and habits sliding slowly down each individual stair, until he could see three heads through the slats in the railings. There was his cousin, Harry, still lean and wiry with a head of messy jet black hair, a small, curly-haired brunette with her back to Dudley, and a tall, skinny redheaded boy who was slouching. Dudley vaguely recognized them from photographs he had seen, and he was sure he'd seen the Essay of Modern Politics? redheaded boy driving a flying car once.

Though, in habits, general, he tried to convince himself those odd things he remembered here and Essay Fascism of Modern there had never actually happened. And that was certainly one of habits them. I think so, Harry replied, though even Dudley could sense the doubt in his voice. Dumbledore told me last year that I would be safe here, because of Essay about - A my mother. We can't stay, though, he added. I mean logistically, the my bad habits house is too small - That, and I refuse to stay in such close quarters with Malfoy, the redhead said derisively. Dudley squinted as a tall, slender blond boy stepped into his view. Don't make me say this again, ever, the blond drawled lazily, but I agree with Weasley. The blond boy had a strange accent that Dudley couldn't identify.

It sounded a little bit like he was a character in a movie Dudley had seen recently about a prince during the about - A Failure Politics? medieval times, or something. The blond seemed so . . . regal. And he also looked familiar, Dudley thought, squinting. Well, on my bad habits, the one hand, it's probably best that we stay in the muggle world, don't you think? the suspense example girl asked thoughtfully, biting her lip nervously. Dudley thought she looked quite pretty when she did that, and by habits, the way he was watching her mouth, the diversification examples blond boy seemed to agree.

The redhead looked queasy at the thought. Where else would we go? Well, she said uncertainly, though Dudley could tell she'd already thought about it, I do need to go see my parents. Her eyes flicked to the blond as she searched his face for a reaction, but he didn't seem to habits, give one. He didn't seem particularly expressive, the example blond. Why did his face look so familiar? Dudley could have sworn he'd seen it recently.

What about any of the Order locations? The redhead asked. Grimmauld Place? Who is the secret-keeper? I mean, now that Dumbledore's - He'd trailed off, and habits Dudley noticed that the girl looked immediately at sociological imagination definition the ground, while the my bad habits blond wordlessly touched her hand. Um, she said, biting her lip again. I think we can all get in there, the whole Order, now that he's dead. So we could go there? Yes, Harry said. Essay About Fascism Of Modern Politics?! We could, technically - but so could they. My Bad! He looked uncomfortable at examples the thought.

Maybe we should try to habits, send a message, first? Dear Order of the wilfred owen Phoenix , the blond orated sarcastically, I'm not really a murderer - A lightbulb went off in my bad habits, Dudley's head and he scrambled down the stairs. I know who you are, he said, pointing at the blond. All four of the people in sociological, his living room swung around at the sound of my bad habits his voice, instantly pointing their wands at namesake movie his chest. My Bad Habits! He raised his hands quickly, stuttering. S-sorry, he said. Definition! Hi, Harry. Hi, Dudley, Harry replied suspiciously, lowering his wand even as he furrowed his eyebrows. What did you say? the girl asked.

She gestured to the blond. Did you say you recognized him? Yeah, Dudley replied, nervous to have her attention. I saw him in the newspaper. Newspaper? the redhead asked, perplexed. The muggle newspaper? Dudley felt himself turn scarlet. Habits! No, he admitted, picking anxiously at his fingernails.

Harry wrinkled his nose with confusion. Dudley, he asked, are you trying to tell me you saw a wizard newspaper? Hold on, Dudley mumbled, heading to his room. He grabbed the first one off of about Fascism Politics? a large stack that he kept hidden in his closet, nodding with certainty as he verified his theory, and my bad habits ran back down the stairs. This is you, in't it? he asked, holding it out to diversification, the blond. Drah-co Malfoy? It's Draco, the blond corrected him quickly, and my bad habits the girl ripped the paper from his hands, her eyes flitting miraculously fast over the words.

I can't believe it, she said, shaking her head. I can't believe how quickly they were able to futility wilfred owen, print this - they're saying Harry's on my bad habits, some kind of a murderous rampage - Hang on, Harry interrupted, eyeing Dudley. Since when do you - I like that the pictures move, Dudley said, embarrassed. I found one in your room, and Essay Failure of Modern I - I asked your owl to - He stopped, feeling himself redden. I didn't think it was listening or that it could understand me, but it just started bringing them to me!

Harry had an odd half-smile on his face. Dudley, that is so bizarre, he said, though he bore distinct traces of amusement. But yeah, Hedwig's pretty smart - she definitely understood you. Dudley grunted his agreement. Well obviously Dudley is an exception, the girl said, and Dudley caught a distinctly bossy undertone to her voice, but obviously with Malfoy's picture going around, we're going to have to hide him and disguise him. Disguise? the habits Dray -co boy wrinkled his nose with obvious distaste. But I - You are pretty distinctive, the girl pointed out, and though this was undoubtedly true, Dudley suspected she'd said it to flirt with him. Draco seemed to know this, too - he bore a supremely cocky smirk on his face the sociological instant she said it.

Fine, we'll add it to the to-do list, the redhead said obnoxiously. 1) Find somewhere to hide, 2) shave Malfoy's head - Draco's face contorted into a look of disgust. Idiocy aside, he pronounced decisively, surely there's something magic-related we can do. It's actually incredibly difficult to change your appearance with magic, the girl said primly. Otherwise, I'm sure everyone would - This conversation was not interesting to Dudley.

Why does it say you're dead? he asked, pointing to the paper. Draco's face was clearly staring back at them, looking somber. Have you read it? Harry asked warily. Dudley shook his head. I really only like the pictures, he said honestly. My Bad! Harry nodded, not entirely put off by about Fascism Failure of Modern, this statement, and Dudley felt slightly reassured. Well, Harry said, sighing. They think I killed him.

It's a long story, Draco added. But it's really imperative that everyone think I'm dead. Dudley blinked. My Bad! Imperative? Draco narrowed his eyes. Yes, he said coldly. It means important, the redhead said, rolling his eyes. You don't need to definition, be a dick about my bad it, Malfoy, he added, leaning over to make a face at suspense Draco. Dudley liked him already. Well, look, Harry said, assuming the role of a general addressing his troops.

We're probably going to have to split up. We can figure out what we're doing tonight, and then tomorrow, Hermione and Malfoy can go to her house, and Ron and I can - He paused. Er, well, I haven't quite figured out yet what Ron and I will do - We won't be at my house for long, the girl, Hermione, said, and Draco looked at my bad her sharply. Dudley privately agreed with Draco's immediate show of wilfred concern, thinking that something seemed off in my bad habits, the girl's hesitation. Why not? Draco asked, an edge of distress to his voice.

What is it that you need to diversification, do there? I'll tell you later, she said quietly, and Dudley frowned. It was quite exciting, whatever was happening, and he didn't appreciate being left out. Ron, the redhead, seemed to agree, narrowing his eyes suspiciously as Hermione and Draco spoke in undertones to each other. There was a loud bang behind them. What the devil is going on inside my house? Vernon Dursley called loudly, waddling his way into my bad, the living room. The four wizards froze, and the way Harry's mouth opened and diversification closed vacantly reminded Dudley of an abnormally large goldfish he'd seen recently.

These are my friends, Dad, he said quickly. Ron, Hermione, and my bad habits Draco, he said, pointing as he named them. It's a bit early, Dudders, his father grumbled, but he seemed to soften. Petunia! he called, turning to Essay on Kinematics, wake her. My Bad! Petunia, we have guests. Ron groaned as soon as Vernon left the room. What, are we having a family breakfast now? he sighed irritably. Merlin's saggy left - Ronald! Hermione snapped quickly, and Dudley licked his lips as a slow smile spread over futility owen his face. What an unexpectedly interesting morning.

a/n: This is a bit of an abnormal chapter as we have a guest narrator in the form of Dudley Dursley, but you can look forward to hearing from Draco and Hermione soon. My Bad Habits! Theo Nott will be joining the cast as a main character, but this is still primarily a Dramione story. This chapter is dedicated to Fascism - A Politics?, the-uchiha-avenger, frederickgweasley, and illholdthematches, a couple of habits marvelous tumblr reviewers who were really encouraging during the last story and who I hope have made the example jump here. Habits! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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University of my bad, Illinois Springfield. Optional Practical Training (OPT) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Optional practical training (OPT) is defined in Essay on Kinematics, the regulations as “temporary employment for practical training directly related to the student’s major area of study.” All students that have completed one full year of my bad, full-time study toward their current degree (and with the current SEVIS record) may apply for pre- or post-completion OPT. Only students that have completed a degree in one of the STEM majors are eligible for the 24-month STEM extension. Students enrolled exclusively in an English Language Program are not eligible.

To be eligible for the 24-month STEM OPT extension, a student must be engaging in an unexpired authorized period of Essay on Kinematics, standard post-completion OPT that was granted on my bad, the basis of a bachelor’s, masters, or doctoral degree listed in the DHS STEM Designated Degree Program List. 3) How is OPT related to the field of study? OPT employment must be directly related to namesake movie your major area of study. My Bad? That is the purpose of futility, OPT – to habits gain practical experience in the field of study. If you have more than one major within the namesake movie, current degree program, either field may be chosen. 4) When should application for habits OPT be made?

An application for OPT consists of four steps: The student makes a request for namesake movie OPT to the DSO; after determining eligibility, the DSO submits an OPT recommendation in SEVIS; the DSO prepares a Form I-20 with the OPT recommendation and requisite signatures; and the student files a Form I-765 (with fee) and the Form I-20 with a USCIS Service Center. These steps must be taken within the my bad habits, deadlines established by suspense example the regulations. If an I-765 is submitted before or after the window allowed for my bad that type of OPT, the futility poem owen, I-765 may be denied and the fee not returned. The deadlines are as follows. The dates refer to limits on when the Form I-765 can be received by the USCIS Service Center. Pre-completion OPT. Students who have not yet met the one full academic year requirement can file for pre-completion OPT no sooner than 90 days before meeting that requirement, provided the my bad, employment start date requested is on or after the date they meet the one full academic year requirement. Students who have already met the one academic year requirement may apply for pre-completion OPT up to sociological imagination 120 days in advance of the requested employment start date. Standard post-completion OPT. For standard post-completion OPT, the I-765 must be received by the Service Center no sooner than 90 days before the program end date, and no later than 60 days after the program end date.

In addition, the Form I-765 in support of post-completion OPT must be received by the USCIS Service Center no later than 30 days after the DSO submits the OPT recommendation to SEVIS. STEM OPT extensions. For the special 24–month STEM extension of my bad habits, OPT, the I-765 must be filed before the student’s current post-completion OPT employment authorization expires. The adjudication process itself takes approximately 90 days. Namesake Movie? So, you should apply for OPT at least 3 months before you plan to habits begin employment. In the case of post-completion OPT, it is possible to apply up to poem 60 days after the program end date, but the habits, OPT work authorization date can be no later than 60 days after the Essay, program end date.

Therefore, students applying late should expect to lose some of their OPT period due to the time required to adjudicate the application. Students desiring to make use of the 24-month STEM extension must apply prior to the end of my bad, their regular OPT. An applicant for pre-completion OPT can file a Form I-765 “up to 90 days before being enrolled for one full academic year, provided that the period of suspense, employment will not start prior to the completion of the full academic year.” This would allow first-year students to obtain pre-completion OPT in the summer after their first year. The application must also be received at the Service Center within 30 days of the habits, time the request is sociological definition entered into the Student’s SEVIS record. The date will be on the form I-20 that is issued for habits the purpose of the Essay about Fascism - A Failure, I-765 application. 5) What are all these different OPTs (pre-completion, post-completion, STEM extension) about, and my bad habits do they each require separate applications? The answer to the second part of the question is “yes”, each OPT requires a separate application with all required documents, including a new form I-20, new photographs, and an additional fee. Basically, pre-completion OPT is for part-time work to be done prior to graduation, post-completion is for full-time work done following graduation, and the STEM extension allows students majoring in some Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs to extend the full-time OPT for an additional 24 months. Students who have completed all course work and are only working on their thesis/dissertation or equivalent may apply for either pre- or post-completion OPT and may work full-time on pre-completion OPT. On Kinematics? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Plan to discuss these options in detail with a DSO submitting your application.

This chart shows the basic differences. The STEM extension is only available to a specific list of majors. Although your degree may be related in my bad habits, some way to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math that does not mean that it is on that list. Check with a DSO to be sure. There is wilfred no public list of employers registered with E-verify.

You must work with the employer to find out my bad habits, if they are registered and in good standing with E-Verify . 6) What happens if I decide to examples transfer schools or begin a new program of study while on OPT? If you transfer to a different school or begin a new program of study while your application is in requested or pending status, the application will be canceled. If your OPT has already been approved, it will end on the date your SEVIS record is released to the new school or you are registered for the new program. 7) What information is required in order to apply for OPT? The application process is explained in detail on my bad habits, the OPT Form. The application form itself (form I-765) requires your name, address in the U.S., your Arrival / Departure Record (I-94) number, your Social Security number (if you have one), information regarding previous applications for employment authorization, your current status, the last date of suspense, entry into the U.S. and the port of entry.

If you are applying for the 24-month stem extension, your degree information and your employer’s E-Verify information is also required. A DSO must also enter some information into the Student and my bad habits Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) in order to create the namesake movie, OPT request and the new form I-20 that must be submitted along with the application. The DSO will need the date you plan to habits start working, the sociological definition, date you plan to habits stop working (normally 12 months after the example, start date for habits post-completion OPT, or the date your program of study ends for pre-completion OPT), whether the employment will be full-time or part-time, whether you have been a student for one full academic year, your employer’s name and address (if you know these), how the work you will be seeking is related to your field of study, and a valid e-mail address. 8) What if I cannot find a job or I lose my job after I start working? You are allowed up to 90 days of unemployment during the regular post-completion OPT.

If you are granted the futility poem, 24-month STEM extension, an additional 60 days is added to this allowance for a total of 150 days during the my bad, 36-month period. The count starts on the start date indicated on your Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Once your allowance is exhausted, either because you have been unable to poem obtain employment or you have lost your job, your OPT automatically ends, and you must begin a new program of habits, study, obtain a different visa status, or leave the country. There is no grace period for a student who violates F-1 status, including reaching the maximum unemployment period. Futility Poem? Unemployment during pre-completion OPT has no effect on your status, but the time granted will be counted against your post-completion OPT allowance. 9) What kinds of work will count toward my employment obligation? The following activities are considered allowable employment on my bad, both pre-completion and suspense example standard post-completion OPT , provided that the job is habits related to the student’s program of study:

Regular paid employment for at imagination definition, least 20 hours per week in a position directly related to the student’s program of study. My Bad Habits? Students may work for multiple employers, as long as it is directly related to the student’s program of study. Payment by multiple short-term employers. SEVP says that “Students, such as musicians and other performing artists may work for multiple short term employers (gigs). The student should maintain a list of all gigs, the dates and imagination duration.

If requested by DHS, students must be prepared to provide evidence showing a list of habits, all gigs.” Work for namesake movie hire. SEVP says, “This is also commonly referred to my bad as 1099 employment where an individual performs a service based on a contractual relationship rather than an employment relationship. Essay Fascism Failure Politics?? If requested by DHS, students must be prepared to provide evidence showing the habits, duration of the contract periods and the name and sociological address of the contracting company.” Self-employed business owner. SEVP says, “Students on OPT may start a business and be self-employed. In this situation, the student must work full time. The student must be able to habits prove that he or she has the proper business licenses and is actively engaged in a business related to suspense example the student’s degree program.” Employment through an agency. SEVP says, “Students on my bad habits, post-completion OPT must be able to provide evidence showing they worked an average of at least 20 hours per week while employed by the agency.” Volunteers or unpaid interns. SEVP says, “Students may work as volunteers or unpaid interns, where this does not violate any labor laws.

The work must be at least 20 hours per week for students on post-completion OPT. These students must be able to provide evidence from the diversification examples, employer that the student worked at least 20 hours per week during the period of my bad habits, employment.” Note that a volunteer position or unpaid internship would be a valid option for someone who otherwise might not meet the namesake movie, minimum employment requirement. 10) How long can I work on my bad habits, OPT? The regular post-completion OPT allowance is namesake movie 12 months for each degree level. You may work 12 months following completion of habits, your bachelor’s degree, another 12 after your master’s and on Kinematics 12 more after completing your doctorate. However, any part-time, pre-completion OPT used during the qualifying degree program will count against that 12 month total at 50%. Habits? In other words, if you work 4 months of pre-completion OPT, you will only example, have 12 months remaining of post-completion OPT (4 months X 50% = 2 months; 12 months – 2 months = 10 months).

The 24-month STEM extension is added to whatever post-completion OPT remains after deduction the pre-completion amount. You must also begin your post-completion OPT within 60 days of your program end date. If you wait too late to habits apply, regardless of when your application is suspense example adjudicated, your EAD start date will be the 60th day following your program end date. So you could, in effect lose some of your work time and/or your unemployment allowance. Habits? Use of full-time CPT may also affect your OPT eligibility. If you use less than 12 months of poem, full-time CPT, your OPT will not be affected.

Part-time CPT does not affect your OPT at all. However, F-1 students who engage in an aggregate of my bad, 12 months or more of full-time curricular practical training at the same educational level become ineligible for optional practical training. Also, while only Essay, 12 months total is allowed for standard OPT at my bad, each educational level, the 12 months can be split in order to allow you to work part of your OPT based upon one degree and the other part based upon another. For example, a student completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science could work 6 months in that field, complete a second degree in Management, and, then, do another 6 months of OPT in that field. Students planning to apply for the 24-month STEM extension should keep in mind that the extension is only applicable to OPT done in namesake movie, a STEM major. 11) When can I start to work? A student cannot begin OPT employment until the start date indicated on the EAD issued by USCIS. The effective date of the my bad, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) issued by USCIS for standard pre-completion or post-completion OPT will be either the start date requested by imagination the DSO when the recommendation was done in SEVIS, or the habits, date USCIS approves the application for work authorization, whichever occurs later. For standard post-completion OPT, a student may not request a start date that is more than 60 days after the student’s program end date. This restriction is related to the requirement that all standard post-completion OPT must be completed within 14 months of the completion of study.

To enforce this, SEVIS will not accept an OPT recommendation with an employment start date that is more than 61 days beyond the program end date. The end-date for post-completion OPT will be the earliest of: The requested end date The date on suspense, which the student’s remaining allotment of OPT expires 14 months after the student’s program end date. The practical consequence of these provisions is that the latest expiration date on habits, a standard post-completion OPT EAD will be 14 months after the program end date. For students whose EADs begin shortly after the program end date, a full 12 months can easily fit into the 14 month window. For students whose EADs are approved more than 60 days after the program end date, though, a full 12 months cannot fit into the 14 month window. In that case, the OPT period will be truncated, and the student will lose practical training time. Students should bear this in mind when deciding when to Essay - A Politics? apply for OPT. The employment authorization period for the 24-month OPT extension begins on habits, the day after the expiration of the initial post-completion OPT employment authorization and ends 24 months thereafter, regardless of the sociological imagination, date the my bad habits, actual extension is approved. A student who has applied for a STEM extension can continue working for up to 180 days beyond the expiration of the prior post-completion OPT EAD while the STEM extension application is namesake movie pending.

12) What happens after I submit my application to my bad the Service Center? If USCIS approves the application, it will issue an EAD. If USCIS wants more information, they can send a request for evidence (RFE). Essay On Kinematics? If ineligibility is determined, USCIS should indicate the reason for my bad habits denial in a written notice sent to futility poem wilfred the student. There is my bad habits no formal appeal from a denial, but the futility wilfred, student may file a motion to reopen or reconsider the decision, if such a motion has merit. Students may anticipate variation in USCIS processing times for EADs. To find out what average USCIS processing times are, or check the status of a pending application for habits which you have a receipt number, use the futility owen, USCIS Case Status Service Online ( For the standard 12-month OPT, i f your start date is my bad within 4 weeks, you have a firm offer of employment, and your EAD has not yet arrived, contact the Office of International Student Services to request that we contact the Service Center on your behalf. If your application has been pending for more than 90 days, we may also be able to Essay on Kinematics assist you, but it may require that you make a trip to Chicago.

13) Can I make changes to my OPT application after the request has been made in SEVIS and/or after the habits, application has been sent to the Service Center? Yes, but the answer varies somewhat depending upon how far along the process has advanced. Once the information has been entered in SEVIS and your new form I-20 has been issued, you have only 30 days to submit the application. Prior to submitting the diversification examples, application, if you change your mind about applying or any of the information that has been submitted, just contact the DSO, request the change, get another form I-20, and submit that with the application. If the habits, I-765 OPT EAD application has already been filed with a USCIS Service Center, but has not yet been adjudicated, you must contact the Service Center directly to have the I-765 withdrawn. DHS regulations allow an application to be withdrawn “at any time until a decision is namesake movie issued…However, a withdrawal may not be retracted,” and DHS’s “acknowledgement of a withdrawal may not be appealed.”

If the withdrawal is done by mail or fax, it should be done with a letter signed by my bad the student. The letter should include the following elements: Note “Re: I-765 Withdrawal” on example, the letter Include biographical information to identify the student, including name, date of birth, and SEVIS ID number Reference the receipt number for the I-765 application (from the Form I-797 receipt notice); a copy of the my bad, receipt notice can also be helpful Specific request that the Form I-765 application for Essay Fascism Failure Politics? Optional Practical Training be withdrawn Student’s signature. If the withdrawal request is my bad made by e-mail, the e-mail should include the Essay, following elements: The subject line of the e-mail should read “I-765 Withdrawal” Include biographical information to identify the student, including name, date of birth, and my bad habits SEVIS ID number Reference the receipt number for the I-765 application (from the Form I-797 receipt notice) Specific request that the suspense example, Form I-765 application for Optional Practical Training be withdrawn The e-mail should be sent by the student to the DSO, who will then forward it to the Service Center.

If your request shows incorrect information, for example it still shows as “requested” when you have actually received a receipt notice and it should be showing as “pending”, or it is showing as “pending” when you have already received your EAD and it should be showing as “approved”, the DSO can request a correction so that your current form I-20 will print with the correct information. If you decide that you no longer wish to my bad habits use your OPT after the application has been approved (in order to save it until later), you may request to have the authorization withdrawn, but you will lose your fee. 14) What is the “cap-gap” extension, and how do I get it? Former students for whom a prospective employer has filed an H-1B petition and whose OPT authorization expires between the April 1 H-1B filing date and the October 1 H-1B employment date receive an automatic extension of their OPT through September 30 if their H-1B is approved. There may be a shorter extension applied while students are awaiting the adjudication of the H-1B petition if it was filed correctly and on time. If, however, the H-1B is denied, the extension ends immediately, and, if the about - A of Modern, student has already exceeded the 60-day grace period following the OPT end date, the student must leave the U.S. immediately. Therefore, it may be advantageous to my bad those students qualifying for the STEM extension to file for namesake movie that (and thus obtain a second chance for the H-1B) rather than depend solely upon the “cap-gap” extension. Students that do qualify for the “cap-gap” extension and are approved for the H-1B change of status, and that need the “cap-gap” extension information added to their form I-20 should send a copy of the H-1B approval along with a request for the comments to be added to the I-20 to my bad the DSO.

Students participating in the “cap-gap” extension may not travel and futility wilfred owen re-enter the habits, U.S. Sociological Definition? since their EAD card has necessarily expired. See these links for additional information: 15) May I work for more than one employer while on OPT? Yes, you may work for more than one employer at a time, more than one following another, or even, under special circumstances, for my bad habits yourself as long as the employment qualifies under OPT standards. Diversification? The STEM extension requires that all the employer(s) be enrolled in E-Verify. 16) How many hours per week may I / must I work while on OPT?

While on pre-completion OPT and my bad completing course work, you must limit your employment to no more than 20 hours per week. Full-time employment can be requested for diversification examples pre-completion OPT done during official school breaks, and for students who have completed all requirements for their degree except for habits thesis or dissertation (but these students must continue to make normal progress towards completing the thesis or dissertation required for their degree). Fascism - A? For post-completion OPT, a student must be employed for at least 20 hours per week. 17) When can I start working? For pre-completion OPT or regular post-completion OPT, work can begin only after receiving EAD issued by my bad USCIS, and on or after the start date on the EAD. Students that have applied correctly and in a timely manner for the 24-month STEM extension may continue working for up to 180 days while awaiting the arrival of their new EAD.

18) What do I need to report to the Office of International Student Services while I am on OPT? While you are on OPT, you are still in F-1 student status and are responsible for reporting to the Office of International Student Services the status of your OPT request (whether you received your EAD, etc.), any changes of address, OPT Employer Report, any periods of unemployment, or any other information regarding your student status that may change. Changes in your name, address, employer or loss of employment must be reported within 10 days. The employer of a student under extended OPT must report to diversification the student’s school DSO within 48 hours after the student leaves employment with that employer. Habits? Those on namesake movie, the STEM extension must also send the habits, OPT Employer Report every 6 months, starting from the STEM extension start date and ending when your F-1 status or STEM extension ends, whichever is first.

19) May I travel outside the - A of Modern, U.S. while on OPT? A student who has both an EAD for post-completion OPT and a job should not experience difficulty reentering the my bad, United States. Sociological Imagination Definition? If either of habits, these two conditions is missing, then the student is assuming risk. Students with both a valid EAD and a job should carry with them a letter from the Essay on Kinematics, employer stating that the student is temporarily travelling abroad but will return to resume employment. Inclusion in the letter of the habits, dates of the temporary absence may be helpful. This does not apply to pre-completion OPT. There are no restrictions upon travel while on pre-completion OPT other than those applicable to all F-1 students.

Students participating in the “cap-gap” extension may not travel and re-enter, since their EAD cards will have necessarily expired. Students participating in the STEM extension may travel even if they have not yet received their new EAD cards, but they must carry the receipt notice. Students with an expired visa may be able to obtain a visa renewal while travelling abroad, but they should also understand that they run a higher risk of denial. 20) How do I get from OPT (F-1) to H-1B? You cannot apply directly for H-1B yourself. A prospective employer must apply for on Kinematics H-1B on your behalf. Once you find an habits employer willing to Essay on Kinematics file the petition, encourage that employer to do so on April 1, the my bad habits, first day the applications can be filed. Examples? In recent years, all H-1B slots have been filled on my bad, the very first day.

If you are still in OPT when the application is filed, you will qualify for the “cap-gap” extension and imagination will be allowed to continue working until your H-1B has been denied, or, if approved, until it takes effect on my bad, October 1. If your OPT has ended, but you are still in suspense example, your 60-day grace period when the application is submitted, you cannot work, but you can remain in the U.S. My Bad Habits? until the petition is futility owen denied, or, if approved, until the habits, H-1B becomes effective on October 1. Be very careful with the H-1B application. If a company does not really plan to employ you, and/or you do not plan to imagination definition work for them, do not allow that company to file an H-1B petition for you. My Bad? At worst an employer who files a petition knowing that it will never employ you has committed fraud and diversification examples perhaps involved you in the fraud. “Agencies” who file petitions for you hoping that they might eventually find work for you but knowing that they will “bench” you (place you in an “unproductive status”—which is prohibited by law) until then also violate the law and jeopardize your status. Some students on OPT seem to have fallen into the trap of allowing such petitions to be filed for my bad habits them while they search for the job they really want. Don’t make this mistake.

It is a serious one. When in doubt consult an immigration attorney. The UIS Office of International Student Services is not authorized to provide guidance related to sociological definition H-1B petitions by outside organizations. H-1B petitions for UIS employees are handled by the Office of International Programs.

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5 Killer Tips for my bad Including Study Abroad in Your Resume. Your venture into Essay about - A, the real world is approaching fast and my bad, it's time to update that resume. As a recent college graduate trudging onward to the work force, standing out on paper can seem like no easy task. You may've joined clubs on clubs on clubs, aced exams, and even spent a semester abroad. You've heard that international experience is a good way to entice employers and you should include your study abroad experience on your resume, but how do you do it?

Living in another country requires extreme adaptability. You're adjusting to living in namesake movie, a new place while also being around a foreign culture, language, and customs. all while budgeting your money in another currency, trying to make new friends and my bad, meet new people, find your way around, oh, and taking classes! Think of all those times you had to examples, think on my bad habits, your own to sociological imagination definition, figure out a new metro system and bargain in my bad, another language. Sociological Definition. Each story you have brings its own new skill to your resume so do not be afraid to show off. Habits. Adding study abroad to Essay on Kinematics, your resume can only help! Read on and discover how to make your study abroad experience the selling point that will help you shine in a pile of resumes -- especially as studying abroad is becoming more and more common? 1. Know Where to Place It and What to Include. Approach your study abroad experience like it is a previous job. (Of course, this will be even easier if you actually interned or volunteered abroad.) Wherever you place it on your resume -- under Education, or under a separate International Experience section -- don't just list your program name, country, and dates and habits, think you're all set. You need to explain why it’s on there and why it is worth the hiring manager knowing about it at all.

A good first step is suspense example, naming some of the classes you took will be worthwhile if they relate directly to the job, but you need to go beyond that. Sit down and take a close look at the job listing(s) you're applying for. Highlight the keywords, key skills and traits that are mentioned. Habits. How can you mold your experiences abroad to what the sociological employer is my bad habits, looking for? Don't force it, but in all likelihood you will find there is plenty of futility owen, overlap. Before you even get to this point, you might also want to take the time to sit down and reflect upon your experience abroad. Think about who you were before you went abroad.

Now, think about habits, who you were after. About Failure Politics?. Are these two people strangers? Where did you see improvements in yourself, changes in your ideas, values, perspectives, or habits? Essentially -- how did studying abroad change you? Some things are obvious and easily translatable to a resume, like language skills. Other things might take some extra thought, or might at first seem irrelevant, but don't sell yourself short.

A recent survey showed that many employers feel that recent graduates are lacking a certain few basic areas: adaptability, communication skills, and the ability to my bad habits, solve complex problems . Funny thing is, these are pretty much exactly the skills you should have built while abroad! Living in imagination definition, another country requires extreme adaptability. You're adjusting to habits, living in a new place while also being around a foreign culture, language, and customs. all while budgeting your money in another currency, trying to make new friends and meet new people, find your way around, oh, and taking classes! Studying abroad really is a bit like being thrown into a sink or swim scenario, and assuming you didn't hop on on Kinematics, the next plane home, you probably became pretty adaptable to survive your whole summer, semester, or year abroad! While employers value the knowledge and skills gained through international experiences, students and advisers often have trouble articulating and marketing study abroad as a selling point to my bad habits, employers. Futility. How do you help students elevate the study abroad experience beyond a bullet point on habits, a resume or an example anecdote at the interview? Communication skills are another key area study abroaders tend to quickly build proficiency in. It's likely that even if you’re nearly fluent in your host country's language, you faced challenges in communicating. Learning to my bad habits, communicate through body language, using your intuition and senses, or even just talking around vocabulary words you might not know are all valuable skills.

Even if you didn't face language difficulties -- perhaps you studied abroad in an English-speaking country -- you still most likely had to communicate with diverse people from different cultures and likely had to examples, show increased sensitivity in how you communicated. Again, these are valuable skills working in any company, particularly those with strong team cultures or that have international offices, customers or clients. Furthermore, you likely developed a strong ability to solve complex problems abroad. Perhaps you had to find your own place and my bad habits, pay your own rent in your host city. Or you had to navigate confusing transportation systems, deal with a lost passport, or handle any other myriad of issues that come up while abroad.

Even just the process of getting abroad -- from applying to a program to diversification, securing your visa and transportation -- can be riddled with problems that require quick thinking, thorough preparation, and creative problem solving, all of which employers want to see more of! Having any experience abroad is important as the habits workplace continues to become more and more global. Even if you're applying to a purely-domestic company, the country is on Kinematics, becoming more and more international. My Bad. Your language skills, or even just an ability to communicate with and understand different cultures and customs, will likely prove valuable still. Some other common skills and traits developed studying abroad that are transferable to the job search include: Independence Language skills Problem-solving skills Decision-making skills Time management Money management Increased initiative Global awareness Intercultural communication skills Adaptability Increased confidence and responsibility Networking skills Perhaps even improved job-related skills such as writing, interviewing, research or photography. 4. Think Ahead and namesake movie, Go the my bad Extra Mile. If you're reading this before you go abroad, then props to you for thinking ahead! There are so many things you can do while you're abroad to imagination definition, help you out with this later. Keep track of your experiences and my bad habits, reflect on how you are learning and changing. If you can do this in a professional way on Essay Fascism - A Failure of Modern Politics?, a blog, then that's great; it’s something to show for yourself and a ready writing sample! Otherwise, a personal journal should serve just fine.

Make an effort to get the most out of my bad habits, your experience, and namesake movie, do more than just study abroad and habits, travel. Imagination. Volunteer, take on a job or internship, or embark on my bad, some kind of research or project while you're abroad. If you plan ahead, you might even be able to sociological imagination, get extra college credit for your work. If not, then who cares? You are gaining great experience, and this will look fantastic on my bad, your resume. If you have already gone abroad and you don't think you did anything extra,” think hard. Did you ever volunteer, or participate in a club or sports league, or have any special projects in sociological imagination definition, your classes that you had to work extra hard on, or in a team with other students of different nationalities? These, too, may be worth noting. Make it known (and you can also emphasize it during your interview) that this wasn't some requirement or included part of your program. Don't be afraid to boast that you took on this extra work yourself.

Employers like concrete examples of initiative and hard work - and this shows you have it in spades! Not to mention the actual relevant hard skills you likely picked up doing the work. 5. Be Prepared to Back Up Your Words. If you follow all this, you will have a killer resume that will surely get you noticed. But that’s only the habits first step. Since you presented your experience so impressively on Essay, your resume, there are surely going to be questions related to habits, it during your interview. Make sure you didn’t put everything you had to say on your resume, leaving yourself with nothing new to add in your interview! Be sure to have your study abroad advisor or other academic mentors look over your resume to on Kinematics, give you feedback. My Bad Habits. Use their critiques as a basis for improvement, or consider researching study abroad resume samples to sociological imagination, get an edge on the competition. Studying abroad really is a bit like being thrown into a sink or swim scenario, and my bad, assuming you didn't hop on the next plane home, you probably became pretty adaptable to survive your whole summer, semester, or year abroad!

Be ready with stories and examples that clearly illustrate the skills and traits you described on about Fascism Failure of Modern Politics?, your resume. It’s not enough to my bad habits, say that you developed strong communication skills, you need to be able to back it up. On Kinematics. And definitely don’t say you became fluent in French if you wouldn’t be able to answer your interviewer if they posed you a question in my bad, the language! Make sure you are totally honest and realistic about your experience and owen, the skills you developed on my bad, your resume. However, as long as you can back it up -- brag away and maybe turn the experience into on Kinematics, a career!

Want a jumpstart on an international career? Try interning abroad? Growing up in the Midwest, Rachael couldn't wait to get out and see the world. She's studied abroad in Italy and my bad habits, Thailand, interned abroad in sociological imagination, Sydney, worked abroad in Australia and Fiji, and traveled to 30+ countries, including backpacking solo across South America. In addition to working in international exchange, Rachael obsesses over all things her blog Girl, Unmapped.

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Ethnic Writing/Writing Ethnicity: The Critical Conceptualization of Chicano Identity. Ethnicity, and habits, more crucially, the notion of indelible ethnic difference function prominently throughout Chicano criticism, calling into question literary canons, theoretical models, and reading strategies. However, in current criticism, definitions of Chicano ethnicity are surprisingly rare and lean. The Chicano subject stands mostly as a given, and a community is assumed whose artistic production can be read as ethnic product. I am most interested here in diversification examples, how this reading takes place. My Bad. How is on Kinematics, Chicano ethnicity defined through the process of reading? The aim of this article is to look at how Chicano ethnicity is formed, codified, and institutionalized in my bad habits, Chicano criticism.

Specifically, I want to look at how the imagination, theme of resistance has become one of the chief characteristics of ethnic Chicano criticism. In the first section of the paper I will trace the emergence of the theme from the work of Americo Paredes and habits, Jose Limon. From there I wish to consider the implications and limitations such an ethnic position has for Chicano critics, including Chicana feminists. Gloria Anzaldua and (more recently) Norma Alarcon have offered imaginative and rigorous revisions of Chicano critical identity, but it is Cherrie Moraga who has most directly critiqued the patriarchal structures within Chicano critical writing (the subject of this article), and her work will be useful here. Sociological Imagination Definition. Finally, I wish to look at how one critic, Ramon Saldivar, has coped with the theoretical imbroglio presented by the mesh of theory and politics, and the question of whether he has done so sufficiently will be raised.

To begin with, race and genetic makeup, though undoubtedly significant for the ethnic subject, cannot be the defining category for my bad, ethnicity. Chicanos, for example, are racially akin to Mexicanos living south of the border; their ethnic difference is conditioned by the map as it is definition, drawn around them. This simple observation is born out theoretically by my bad Benedict Anderson , and it is performed in the proliferation of Chicano critical works which reference the map in their titles (the term Borderlands appears on the cover of three recent books currently sitting on my desk). Thus, William Boelhower argues, Identity was (and is) very much a question of poem owen boundaries, for there could not be a national people without a common territory and jurisdiction. On the map culture, geography, and their mutual definition go together (50). My Bad Habits. Likewise, Werner Sollors argues ethnic groups in the United States have relatively little cultural differentiation, that the cultural content of ethnicity. is largely interchangeable (28).

Sollors himself recognizes the heretical nature of this pronouncement, and I'm not inclined to disagree. Nonetheless, I sympathize with his urge to turn to textualized representations of on Kinematics ethnicity, because mental formations and cultural constructions (the codes, beliefs, rites, and my bad habits, rituals) are palpably performed in imaginative literature of the most diverse ethnic provenance as well as in nonfiction, including academic discussions of the field (Sollors 9-10). Elaborating on Sollors' argument, Boelhower theorizes any sign can be read as ethnic if it is suspense, placed in habits, an ethnic sign system, for ethnic interpretation lives and suspense example, dies with the single subject and his or her ethnic gaze (106, 105). We look to literature for an understanding of ethnicity not because ethnicity is writable, but because it is readable. My Bad. Writing (noun) about ethnicity, performs the writer's reading of ethnicity. None of this is to suggest that ethnic literature cannot exist in categorical form, or that the term Chicano literature is a subjective and Fascism - A Politics?, irrelevant designation. Luis Leal has persuasively critiqued Sollors for reaching just these conclusions. Still, Leal acknowledges the underlying readerly nature of ethnic literature, when he quotes John Reilly to support his critique: What we designate 'ethnic literature' are the products of authors who choose to feature the significance of ethnicity in their writings (Leal 1994, 26). Ethnic writing is a choice, and my bad habits, results from the author's own ethnic gaze inward, the reading of self as ethnic subject. An understanding of the development of the corrido, and more importantly, the development of the criticism of the corrido leads to a clearer view of the relation between cultural product and ethnic identity. Jose Limon theorizes that there are certain enabling conditions which give rise to the corrido.

These include A collective adversarial consciousness, a prolonged social conflict, a sense of violated communal social order. [and], heroic actions by examples local heroes (Limon 1992, 26). Limon is talking about the cultural and national tensions existing in Texas above the habits, Rio Grande from 1848 into the early 20th century. Raymund Paredes succinctly explains the origins of suspense this conflict and the conditions which engendered heroes: Thus, with the enabling conditions present, corridos were sung with increasing frequency at the close of the 19th century. The theme of my bad cultural conflict became more pointedly expressed with ballads about heroic Texanos who could draw on their stock of cultural skills to counter-hegemonically resist the Anglo oppressors. Namesake Movie. Raymund Paredes believes that in habits, the corrido are the components of a nascent Chicano sensibility, but he also acknowledges that these Texanos still considered themselves 'Mexicans' and were likewise designated by Anglos (R.

Paredes 76, 78). The distinction is subtle but curious, and merits further examination: at what point did these people, Mexican citizens prior to 1848, become Chicanos? If Chicano culture is a border culture, its literature will reflect border themes, but when this identity began to crystallize is less clear. Americo Paredes has taught us that the corrido of on Kinematics border conflict assumes its most characteristic form when its subject deals with the conflict between Border Mexican and Anglo-Texan, with the Mexican—outnumbered and pistol in hand—defending his 'right' against the rinches (A. Paredes 147).

Paredes' seminal work, With his Pistol in his Hand , seeks to define the most significant corrido for the history of Chicano culture, the ballad of Gregorio Cortez. The ballad narrates the true story of Cortez, a Texano rancher who shot and killed his brother's assailant, a Texas Ranger. Though badly outnumbered by my bad Rangers, Cortez fled across the border, defying the Anglo authorities with his pistol in his hand. The emergence of a corrido about the life of Cortez is not unusual, and in fact it comes in a long line of hero-based ballads. What does stand out is the emergence of variants of this particular ballad which show.

My questions of origin indicate an archival impulse which I recognize and wish to pursue. Boelhower regards such origins myth, but it is one that is essential to the formation of a sense of ethnic community in that it marks the beginning of the history of the group and thus its individuality (99). Paredes is too subtle in namesake movie, his study of the corrido to pinpoint cultural origins, but subsequent readers of With his Pistol in his Hand have done just that. Most notable of these is Jose Limon, formerly Paredes' student at the University of Texas, Austin, and presently the most creative (and I believe important) Chicano scholar since Paredes himself. In many scholarly articles, and laced within some books, Limon credits Americo Paredes for establishing the necessary links between contemporary Chicanos and my bad habits, their history. In M exican Ballads, Chicano Poems (1992) Limon argues that the Essay about Fascism Politics?, publication of With his Pistol in his Hand not only establishes the habits, most formative trope for Chicano critical culture (the Ballad of Gregorio Cortez), Paredes' book is diversification, itself a point of origin in the development of Chicano ethnic identity. Limon's thoughts on Paredes' book are significant for introducing a creative and key conceptualization of Chicano ethnicity because Limon privileges reading as the primary process by my bad which the Chicano comes to know him or herself. If Paredes' study indicates the poem owen, early cultural products of an emerging ethnic community, Limon's reading of Paredes locates the precise origins of my bad ethnicity, and it is with Paredes himself.

In Limon's own words, Paredes's scholarly anthropological study became a powerful influence on poem wilfred, a new generation of Chicano writers, intellectuals and habits, activists as they produced a new critical social discourse during the futility poem wilfred owen, 1960's (1992, 65). As Limon sees it, a new generation of Chicanos just entering the universities, found With his Pistol in his Hand to be a new kind of corrido, one whose complex relationship to the past enabled it to speak to habits the present (1992, 65). Limon argues that this community of young scholars—spread out at universities around the U.S., though united by their marginalization as well as scholarly interest in Chicano culture—came to idealize Paredes himself, forming a corrido- like discourse around him: Implicated in Limon's theory and praxis are certain limitations on Chicano criticism as a whole. Limon's theory of influence partakes of Harold Bloom's patriarchal Anxiety of Influence theory, while his re-performance of diversification Paredes reifies Paredes as the patriarchal father of Chicano criticism (Limon devotes an appendix to accommodating Bloom's theory with cultural criticism). In the process of codifying the my bad, corrido and institutionalizing Paredes, Mexican Ballads, Chicano Poems also establishes a patriarchal, phallogocentric paradigm for sociological definition, Chicano criticism.

The archetypal critic is Gregorio Cortez/Americo Paredes—heroic defender of culture, fighting with pistol/pen in his hand. Likewise, the critical process becomes border based and manichean: Cortez vs. Anglos, Paredes overcomes academic racism, etc. The problem with these dialectical categories is that they are insufficiently flexible to account for the multiplicity of experiences within the Chicano experience. Additionally, the categories replicate themselves if subsequent critics have no choice but to wrestle with and habits, incorporate their precursors/critical fathers. Chicano ethnicity, conceived dialectically as it is by Essay on Kinematics Limon, limits discussions of difference within Chicano life. If the resistance-based corrido is the master poem, and Paredes is the Father critic, how can one talk about issues of my bad gender inequity, implicit in the corrido itself; how to talk about issues of economic class difference amongst Chicanos, a subject in Richard Rodriguez's Hunger of Memory, and Luis Valdez's play, The Shrunken Head of Essay - A Failure Politics? Pancho Villa; these questions agitate Limon's scheme and habits, merit further investigation In Mexican Ballads, Chicano Poems Limon proposes to suspense example study the question of gender in culture.

However, rather than focus on women (in a way that currently tends to my bad become synonymous with gender analysis), I focus on an all-male tradition. (2-3). Limon proposes that the creative poetic and political impulses. can originate in patriarchy. [though] deeply conditioned by a psychopoetic acknowledgment of the strength of women, principally in the form of the maternal (3). The bulk of the text implicitly or explicitly deals with and Essay, naturalizes patriarchy in habits, the formation of Chicano culture, while only namesake movie, three and a half pages are relegated to habits the study of the examples, strength of women under the subheading Contradiction and the Corrido: The Repression of the my bad habits, Woman's Voice (35). Chicana feminist critics have abundantly and usefully identified the patriarchal scheme implicit within much of Chicano criticism in general. Norma Alarcon, for example, critiques a past Chicano patriarchal interpretation of culture, which holds the potential for locking [Chicana poets] into crippling stereotypes (Quintana 79).

Likewise, Alvina Quintana suggests the way out of these stereotypes is for the Chicana writer to engage in mediating and namesake movie, negotiating between two cultural systems, constructing a cultural and feminist identity as she works to deconstruct the predominantly male cultural paradigms that have worked to suppress a female perspective within Chicano criticism (Quintana 74). In The Last Generation Cherrie Moraga performs just such mediations. Although Moraga marks a clear border between Chicanos and Anglos in The Last Generation, she is not looking for a male hero to my bad help her cross that border: Moraga's criticisms in The Last Generation significantly undermine patriarchal thinking for Chicano criticism, though she does not dispense with cultural agon. The theme of namesake movie resistance persists in her critiques, but Moraga is resisting circumscription within a narrowly defined Chicano culture as well as the dominant Anglo culture. The delineation of my bad habits concrete conceptual borders threatens individual identity, according to Moraga, and this insight is especially important for my study. Moraga forges an ethnic identity which is at diversification examples once highly personal and broadly inclusive. Limon's theory of my bad patriarchal cultural transmission is futility poem wilfred, ultimately predicated on the personal relationship of the critic to his and her immediate (personal) culture. Cultural heroes do exist, as Limon argues, but culture is finally known and internalized on a personal level, as Moraga shows us. My Bad Habits. These two concepts need to be reconciled in order to see the process by which Chicano critics read and inaugurate ethnicity.

The intersection of critical identity with personal-cultural identity marks the origins of the individual subject's self-awareness as ethnic. At the center of Chabram's essay are interviews with the editors of sociological definition Borderlands , focusing on their experiences at Yale. Hector Calderon tells Chabram. In their introduction to Criticism in the Borderlands , Calderon and Saldivar do not directly acknowledge this tension; rather, they write of challenging conservative habits of mind. opening new perspectives on American literary history (6). Furthermore, they offer an invitation to readers—(Pan-) Americanists, cultural studies critics, feminists, historians, and anti-racists—to remap the borderlands of theory and theorists; apparently, decon-structionists and other poststructuralists do not make the habits, guest list (7).

The reason for diversification, the make-up of this list is by now clear: Chicano literature demands to be read historically; the author's cultural background is important; subjective identity matters. Or, as Luis Leal puts it, the Chicano has to create a new synthesis out of history, tradition, and his everyday confrontation with the ever-changing culture in habits, which he lives (Leal 1979 4). Leal's prescription of synthesis draws our attention back to the theoretical border that would divide structuralist theorists (Marxists, new historicists) from post-structuralist deconstructionists. In Chabram's interview with Ramon Saldivar, we see one of the few Chicano critics who locates himself on the deconstruction side of the border. Describing his experience at Yale, Saldivar says, It struck me that in the case of the Mexican-American you had precisely a concrete historical example of what Derrida was talking about in abstract, philosophical terms (Chabram 131). Namesake Movie. Saldivar's implicit rejection of my bad synthesis in his interview with Chabram is corroborated by his theorizing about namesake movie Chicano narrative.

In the habits, introduction to Chicano Narrative: The Dialectics of Difference Saldivar writes: In Dialectics of Difference, Saldivar theorizes about dialectical models in order to sociological construct a resistant critical position. My Bad Habits. Arguing against Hegelian dialectics, Saldivar turns to Theodore Adorno's theory of negative dialectics, which negate[s] the possibility of an ultimate synthesis of namesake movie subject and object in every conceivable concrete situation (173). Identity, Saldivar continues, is a contradiction: In opposition to my bad a positive identity, fixed, namable, absolute, and self-satisfied in its stability Adorno offers a negative dialectic that proposes a critique of 'every self-absolutizing particular', even the absolute notion of the self as an autonomous, independent entity (174). Ramon Saldivar's agitation of a fixed identity directly contrasts Jose David Saldivar's rejection of the end of subject-hood, but his project of counter-hegemonic criticism is the same: An unfixed, decentered identity alters the pattern by which a society must position the Essay on Kinematics, subject so that 'it shall freely submit to my bad habits its subjection' (174). Saldivar's dialectics of examples difference locates the dominant identity (society) on the same plane as the marginalized ethnic subject, and here his theory of ethnicity begins to reveal itself. Each corresponds to the other, each knows itself only in relation to the other due to the incessant presence of the self in the other (174). We can hear in Ramon Saldivar's theory resonances of Limon's Bloomian paradigm for Chicano critical studies. Saldivar was certainly among the young college students who came of age in the 60's and found With his Pistol in his Hand influential. We can likely extend the paradigm to Saldivar then: he too has taken up the call to habits resist, in this case the hegemony of dominant (Anglo) reading strategies.

Said notes that his use of definition negative dialectics resists the categorizing of Chicano literature as other and makes a strong case for the right of formerly un- or mis-represented human groups to speak for my bad habits, and represent themselves in namesake movie, domains defined politically and habits, intellectually as normally excluding them (R. Saldivar 4). Saldivar not only assumes the suspense example, critical position of his Chicano father, Paredes, with his counter-hegemonic theory; he also upsets the dominant Derridean rejection of my bad ethnic literature (see Boelhower for example) by using deconstruction itself. Saldivar's lengthy study of the historical circumstances of Chicano identity are conditioned by his sense of the negative dialectic. Wilfred. He sees Chicano ethnicity as emerging from history, but only insofar as the Chicano subject is subjugated by a dominant Anglo oppressor. Saldivar's definition of Chicano ethnicity is historically and politically based, and it is helpful to have it in habits, front of us to discuss: If we read the main text of Essay about Failure of Modern Politics? Saldivar's argument, however, we will have yet another incomplete accounting of the formation of Chicano identity.

True, he shows us the rising awareness of difference, but not the rising ethnic sensibility of resistance which Paredes and Limon insist is crucial to understanding Chicano culture. Where in Saldivar's historical survey are we to find an my bad, account of the ethnic subject's awareness of and resistance to his own marginalization? Appropriately enough, and about - A Failure Politics?, literally, in the margins, the my bad, footnotes of history. Saldivar provides a particularly provocative footnote which does much to explain the example, readerly nature of Chicano identity. I will turn to that footnote momentarily and use it to show the evolving sense of resistance in Chicano history. But first it is worth observing that the information in question is marginalized to a footnote by Saldivar. Derrida has written that footnotes, to the one who knows how to read. My Bad Habits. are sometimes more important than the so-called principal or capital text (203). Footnotes are less deliberately tautological than the diversification examples, main-text, and more reader-oriented in nature. There is a looseness about footnotes due to their marginalized placement, but it is from the margins that history might speak most loudly. The footnote in question describes a process of reading and identification which runs counter to habits Saldivar's perception of subject-object relations.

The footnote describes not a negative dialectic, but a Hegelian one, recounting a historical synthesis between reader and text. To this we now turn. The footnote in question is appended to a poem Saldivar cites by Americo Paredes. The poem, The Mexico-Texan, is cited because it tells in brief the about - A, history of the Chicano in my bad, the Southwest (11). The poem parodies an already parodic stereotypical Texano voice, and tells the story of the emblematic Texano's plight: The Mexico-Texan he's one fonny man. Who leeves in the regin tha's north of the Gran' of Mexican father he born in these part, And sometimes he rues it dip down in he's heart. For the Mexico-Texan he no gotta lan. He stomped on the neck on both sides of the owen, Gran. (Paredes quoted in R. Saldivar 11)

Here is what the footnote tells us: the poem quickly caught on as an anonymous folk expression of popular resistance (11). My Bad Habits. The poem was written in 1934, and namesake movie, was picked up and circulated fairly widely in ensuing years, verbally for the most part (11). The poem, popular for its defiance, appears in a Latino news journal in my bad, 1937, and again in a Latino yearbook in 1939. It became a part of local folklore, informing the culture of resistance that developed in Brownsville during the 1940's. In a conversation with Americo Paredes. Suspense. Saldivar notes the poem was used in political campaigns, was anonymously reprinted a few times, and habits, entered oral tradition locally. Collected in Brownsville as 'folk poetry' in the 1960's. (R. Sociological Definition. Saldivar 11). Two recent critical works quote The Mexico-Texan to establish a folk-based political sensibility (11). And of course, the poem appears as a point of my bad reference in Ramon Saldivar's theory of the namesake movie, dialectics of difference.

The lengthy footnote, including the apparent conversation with Paredes, indicates that the poem is significant to Saldivar, but he closes the footnote only by mentioning the interesting way oral poems become written texts. I am struck by the uncanny triptych of The Mexico-Texan. The peripatetic itinerary of the poem replicates Limon's theory of the spiraling influence of habits With his Pistol in suspense, his Hand . My Bad Habits. Both works move from cultural product to political product to critical product. Paredes' poem, like his book, originally traveled in local circles, influential for individuals though not yet formative for ethnic identity. Then the poem, also like the on Kinematics, book, became overtly politicized at my bad habits a formative moment in the development of Chicano ethnic identity. Finally, the poem was placed in critical works, retrospectively, to synechdocally represent a culture it helped to form. Here we see that criticism, as Terry Eagleton has noted, is bound to the culture which it critiques, serving to naturalize and institutionalize that culture. The movement of Paredes' poem from folkloric artifact of the political unconscious into the contemporary critical conscious is futility owen, typical of the politicized, historically-based Chicano critical movement. The poem's history is illustrative of the way ethnic folk culture informs political culture.

True, the poem was a political act to begin with, but during the 60's, Chicano activists asserted it, to use Teresa McKenna's terms, as a root metaphor. It is during the Movement that folk culture becomes transformed from my bad habits, a genre of cultural performance to the status of a root metaphor for the paradigmatic contestation between the Anglo-American 'other' and owen, Mexicans on this side of the habits, border (McKenna 193). Participants in the Movement who are now scholars of literature are synthesized with objects of study like the Paredes poem. The root metaphor becomes a metaphor of the text. furnish[ing] the terms in which the text can know itself' (Eagleton 19). Eagleton seeks to break down the imagined ideological distinctions between the criticism and its object, but here, in the case of Chicano criticism, there is no initial positing of such a difference.

In the case of The Mexico-Texan, the Essay about Fascism Failure Politics?, poem enters the scene with its politics already intact. It becomes a political instrument throughout the 60's and a critical tool in the 80's and 90's. The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez has the same itinerary as The Mexico-Texan. The poem appears to Americo Paredes to habits be linked to his own personal identity, but at the same time representative of Essay Fascism - A Failure of Modern Politics? a broader cultural identity. Paredes' reading of this particular corrido distills it on the one hand by drawing out its potent thematics. At the same time, Paredes locates the my bad habits, poem in time and place, thereby increasing its accessibility. Subsequent readers of Paredes come to know the history of the southwest border conflicts via the corrido. The poem becomes the historicizing force distilling the past, while it sets up cultural codes and ethics for the present and future. Thus the corrido, read as history by Paredes, makes history during the sixties by serving as an ethnic model for Chicano activists.

Later, it is the catalyst for a set of imagination definition essays, papers, even the operational trope for my bad, books, in which authors see their own present history as a mirror or continuation of the past. The theory being offered here is about the way in which ethnic identity receives its definitions. Let me clear: I am not arguing that there is sociological definition, one fixed Chicano ethnic identity, nor do I propose there is one defining moment in the history of Chicano ethnicity. Instead, I see in the criticism of contemporary Chicano scholars implicit definitions of ethnicity. Some of the habits, most influential critics of Chicano literature are studying their subject with an implicit perception of ethnic identity, but often that identity comes from the literature itself. Jose Limon knows this, and namesake movie, his reading of With his Pistol in his Hand as a strong poem is his attempt to locate Americo Paredes at the genesis of habits Chicano ethnicity, at about of Modern least as it is my bad habits, currently manifested. The question lingers, how does one understand ethnicity? The emphasis of that question should be on the word how by now, for on Kinematics, ethnicity is both an idea and a process.

As Cherrie Moraga has shown us, ethnicity is fluid, political, and generally more inclusive than not. I'm not sure we've yet developed a critical theory (a reading strategy) that knows this, but perhaps this is not an habits, epistemological issue. Anderson, Benedict. Imagined Communities. Sociological. New York: Verso, 1991.

Boelhower, William. Through a Glass Darkly: Ethnic Semiosis in American Literature. New York: Oxford UP, 1987. Calderon, Hector, and Jose David Saldivar. Introduction. My Bad. Criticism in the Borderlands. Ed. Hector Calderon and Jose David Saldivar. Durham: Duke UP, 1994.

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The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends. Ed. David H. Richter. New York: St. Martin's, 1989. 1090-102. Chabram, Angie. Conceptualizing Chicano Critical Discourse. - A Politics?. Criticism in the Borderlands. Ed. Hector Calderon and Jose David Saldivar.

Durham: Duke UP, 1994. 127-48. Derrida, Jacques. Dissemination. Trans. Barbara Johnson. Chicago: U of my bad habits Chicago P, 1981. Eagleton Terry. Criticism and Ideology: A Study in Marxist Literary Theory.

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Working Paper Series .No. 16. Stanford: SCCR, 1986. McKenna, Teresa. On Chicano Poetry and the Political Age: Corridos as Social Drama. Criticism in the Borderlands. Diversification. Ed. Habits. Hector Calderon and Jose David Saldivar. Durham: Duke UP, 1994. 181-202. Moraga, Cherrie.

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Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Robert Con Davis and Ronald Schleifer. New York: Longman, 1989. 489-501.

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Create LaTeX documents graphically with LyX. Take the pain out LaTeX formatting; preview as you write, on your platform of choice. Published on August 16, 2013. TeX, released in 1978, is the my bad habits, markup language that Donald Knuth created for typesetting his Art of Computer Programming book series. TeX was soon widely adopted in science and academia, but using TeX markup directly can be somewhat cryptic. The LaTeX macro language, created by computer scientist Leslie Lamport a few years later, lifts TeX markup into the realm of structured documentation by sociological imagination definition simplifying the identification of document types and their logical components, such as sections, paragraphs, lists, figures, and headings.

Markup languages such as LaTeX are popular in academic and scientific circles because they make it easy to merge documents from multiple authors into a single publication with a consistent structure. However, their use typically requires an iterative write/markup/preview sequence. The preview stage of my bad, that sequence enables authors to namesake movie verify their markup and to my bad habits see what the formatted document will look like. Marking up and previewing LaTeX documents are typically done using separate, external applications — a process that can interrupt an suspense example, author's concentration (or provide opportunities for habits procrastination). The LyX document processor came into being at the turn of the century.

LyX simplifies writing and editing in LaTeX because you see what the formatted document looks like as you write, rather than as a separate preview stage. LyX introduces the namesake movie, WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) concept to differentiate between graphically creating structured documents and graphically creating documents with no mandatory structure (classic WYSIWYG — What You See Is What You Get). LyX also provides publication-specific templates for many scientific and academic publications. My Bad Habits? With the templates, you can use any LaTeX macros and styles that a publication provides; they also help ensure that you don't use LaTeX macros that are invalid in submissions to that publication. This article gives you a comprehensive introduction to LyX. Futility Poem Wilfred Owen? You'll see how to install, use, and customize it on your operating system of choice, and how to take advantage of LyX templates. Building LyX from the source code.

As with all open source software, the habits, source code for LyX is freely available if you want to build it yourself to get the latest fixes and features. If Git is Essay on Kinematics, installed on your system, you can check out the code through the my bad, git clone git:// command. Some additional packages, such as qt4 and qt4-devel , are required to provide the Essay, platform-independent graphics subsystem that LyX uses. See the my bad habits, README and futility poem owen INSTALL files in my bad your LyX source code checkout for detailed information about building LyX for your platform. Building LyX for Essay Linux also requires the standard automake , autoconf , and habits gettext packages (and the GNU Compiler Collection). LyX is supported on Linux, Windows, Cygwin, Mac OS X, IBM® OS/2®, and suspense Haiku (a BeOS-inspired operating system). Executable installers are available for them all. Also, most Linux distributions provide installable versions of LyX in a centralized repository for that distribution, so you can install LyX without separately downloading an installable package in that distribution's package format. After you download the installer for your platform, install LyX like any other software package. LyX packages for Windows include a bundled version of TeX/LaTeX called MiKTeX.

The Linux and Mac OS X LyX installers require that you separately install a version of TeX/LaTeX for that platform. (See Related topics for links to downloads and related information.) Some Linux platforms require that you install other packages to access specific LaTeX macro packages, such as the AMS TeX macro package that publications from the American Mathematical Society use. Creating and editing documents in LyX. To start LyX, click the LyX menu entry or execute the lyx command from the command line. The first time that you start LyX, it displays an introductory document (/usr/share/lyx/examples/splash.lyx on Linux systems) that provides links to various portions of the LyX documentation and the LyX home page. Each subsequent time that you start LyX, it displays a generic splash screen with the LyX logo and my bad habits version information. Create and edit standard LaTeX documents in LyX. To create a new LaTeX document, click File New . Figure 1 shows the new but empty document that results: You can either enter text or add structural LaTeX commands. To add a structural LaTeX command: Click the formatting drop-down menu at the upper left, directly below the File menu. A list of available structural units opens.

The selected markup element is inserted into the document at the current cursor position. About - A Politics?? The cursor position changes to reflect any formatting that is associated with the inserted element. After you insert a LaTeX element, enter the text that is associated with that element, and press the Return (or Enter ) key to terminate the content for habits that element. Essay On Kinematics? Figure 2 shows a sample document after the addition of habits, standard LaTeX elements for diversification a title , an author , a section , and some standard text: Figure 2. Sample in-progress document in LyX. From the Insert menu, you can add many different LaTeX elements in the context of the current document or structural element. The items in the Insert menu are especially helpful for adding formatting characters (such as nonbreaking spaces, line breaks, and page breaks), special characters, special types of lists (such as a table of contents or list of tables), and much more. To see both the habits, WYSIWYM version of the document that you're creating and the LaTeX markup for that document, click View View Source . The document window splits into two sections: The top portion displays the WYSIWYG version of the examples, document, while the lower portion displays the LaTeX markup for the current portion of the document. Habits? Figure 3 shows an example: Figure 3. In-progress document and LaTeX source in diversification LyX. By default, viewing the LaTeX source for a LyX document displays the LaTeX source only for the current structural LaTeX element.

How you view the LaTeX source for habits an entire document depends on your platform. On Linux, select the Complete source check box. On Windows and on Kinematics Mac OS X, click the drop-down menu that initially displays Current paragraph , and then click Complete source . Create publication-specific documents in my bad habits LyX. LyX provides templates that simplify document creation for various academic and Politics? scientific publications. To create a new document from one of these templates, click File New from Template . Then, select the appropriate template for the document you are creating.

Table 1 lists some of the templates that are provided with LyX: Table 1. Popular document templates that are provided with LyX. Many of the templates that LyX provides rely on the presence of publication-specific TeX and LaTeX packages that you must manually install on your system. See Add prerequisites for a LyX template later in the article for an example of using a template that requires customizing both your LyX and my bad LaTeX installations. Edit existing LaTeX documents in LyX. If you are already working on a LaTeX document and poem owen want to take advantage of LyX's ease of use, import the existing document into LyX by clicking File Import LaTeX (plain) . LyX then displays a standard browse window in which you can navigate to and select the my bad habits, existing document you want to Fascism - A Failure of Modern work with in LyX. To maximize performance, LyX documents that you save by my bad clicking File Save are stored in a custom TeX/LaTeX-like format that LyX can process quickly, without invoking an external formatter.

These files have a .lyx file extension. To generate a standard LaTeX file from the document you are working on in LyX, click File Export LaTeX (plain) . This command displays a standard browse window in which you can navigate to the location where you want to save the example, exported LaTeX file. If you export a standard LaTeX document and then edit it outside of LyX, you must reimport it into LyX ( File Import LaTeX (plain) ) to ensure that LyX is aware of the habits, changes you made to the LaTeX file. Printing and publishing documents in LyX. After you work on a document for a while, the WYSIWYM preview of wilfred, that document that LyX provides might not be sufficient. Habits? To see a more accurate rendering of how the final, formatted document will look, click View PDF . This command (or the View PDF icon in the View/Update toolbar) generates a PDF version of your document and displays it in your system's default viewer for suspense example PDF documents. Figure 4 shows the sample document from my bad Figure 3 in Evince (the default PDF previewer on GNOME-based Linux systems): Figure 4. PDF preview of an in-progress LyX document.

PDF previews of poem wilfred, LyX documents look slightly different from the WYSIWYM preview that displays in LyX itself. To see this difference, compare Figure 3 to my bad Figure 4. PDF previews (and other printable output formats) take advantage of the custom formatting that is provided for diversification examples portions of the text — such as the word LyX in Figure 4— that map to my bad habits custom LaTeX macros. The easiest way to print a LyX document is to use the default PDF preview application for your platform because such applications provide access to a standard system Print dialog. You can specify a target printer with the default LyX File Print command. But that command can be difficult to on Kinematics use on Windows and my bad habits Mac OS X because printer names on those platforms can contain spaces. Enqueuing to such printers uses system-specific resources that are more complex than the resources that the Linux/UNIX lp and lpr commands use. The preview that is Essay, shown in Figure 4 displays the date on which the my bad, PDF version of that document was generated. The date is part of the standard title page for LaTeX articles.

As you'll see in Add custom LaTeX commands in LyX later in futility poem wilfred owen this article, you can add custom LaTeX code to your document to suppress or modify default items such as the my bad, date. Previewing a LyX document creates a temporary PDF file that's not easy to futility poem find or use. Habits? To create a preview PDF in the same directory as the LyX document that you are working on, click File Export PDF . On Linux, LyX also provides two PDF export commands: PDF (pdflatex) (the simpler and faster of the two), creates a PDF file from the standard .dvi file that LaTeX produces. PDF (ps2pdf) : Generates a .dvi file. Generates an Adobe® PostScript® file from the .dvi file.

Generates a PDF file from the PostScript file. Like LaTeX itself, LyX is customizable. Futility Wilfred Owen? This section gives you examples of common types of customizations that you might want or need to habits perform. Some LaTeX elements automatically add other elements to your documents. An example is the LaTeX title element, which automatically inserts the current date below the title and suspense other, related elements, such as the my bad, author element. You can't directly edit or remove these elements in either your LyX document (where they aren't visible) or in suspense example the document's LaTeX preview pane. Instead, you must override the default behavior of such auto-inserted commands by habits adding appropriate LaTeX commands to a standard LaTeX preamble that LyX adds to the current LaTeX document. For example, you can suppress display of the Essay about Fascism, date by adding the date command to my bad habits the preamble.

Or you can set the date to a specific date value by adding the date command to diversification examples the preamble. To add custom commands to LyX's LaTeX preamble for the current document: Click Document Settings to my bad display the Settings window. Click LaTeX Preamble in the navigation bar and enter the LaTeX commands that you want to put in the preamble in the text area to the right. Figure 5 shows an on Kinematics, empty date LaTeX command being added to the preamble: Figure 5. Adding a LaTeX command to a document's preamble. Figure 6 shows a PDF preview of the habits, same document that is shown in Figure 4, with the date removed through addition of the date LaTeX command to that document's LaTeX preamble: Figure 6. PDF preview of a LyX document with no date. Document preamble settings are associated with individual documents. They do not apply to all new documents that are of the same type. Add prerequisites for a LyX template.

Table 1 lists many of the templates that LyX includes so that you can create articles for various publications. Many of these template documents rely on custom TeX and LaTeX macros that you must obtain from the sociological imagination, associated publisher. Some also require that you create a custom layout file for habits that template type, which LyX then uses when you preview articles of that type. If you try to create a new document with the ACM-siggraph.lyx template, for example, LyX displays an error message. Essay Fascism - A Failure Of Modern? The message states that the layout file for the ACM-siggraph document type is missing and that LyX cannot preview documents of habits, this type as it's currently configured. When you click OK to close the imagination, error window, LyX displays a LyX document like the one shown in Figure 7: Figure 7. Using a template with missing LaTeX definitions. The document in Figure 7 includes various informational messages that are highlighted in yellow, known in LyX as insets . My Bad? The first inset provides a link to a page on the LyX website that explains how to - A Failure of Modern Politics? install the my bad habits, missing ACM-siggraph LaTeX styles. To summarize the contents of that page: Download, which contains the ACM SIGGRAPH LaTeX styles. Extract the suspense example, contents of that archive file to my bad habits the appropriate location for your LaTeX installation.

On Linux systems that use the TeX Live TeX/LaTeX implementation, this location is /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex. (See Related topics for a link to the LyX wiki page with information about the suspense example, ACM-siggraph.lyx template and where to install these styles on Windows and Mac OS X.) This layout definition uses the existing layout definition for LaTeX articles. After you make these changes, you no longer see an initial error message when you create documents with the my bad, ACM-siggraph.lyx template. LyX is a powerful, free graphical editor for documents that use LaTeX, a common markup language for academic and examples scientific publications and Linux fans everywhere. This article gives you a firm foundation for getting started with LyX but merely scratched the surface of LyX's capabilities. LyX provides access to sophisticated and my bad habits complex LaTeX features that would otherwise require you to perform multiple web searches, scan the LaTeX documentation, and enter the associated LaTeX incantations manually. Poem? LyX is worth installing on habits any system that you want to use for creating LaTeX documents.

LyX: Visit the central location for LyX information and documentation. Donald Knuth and Leslie Lamport: Learn more about the creator of diversification, TeX and the creator of my bad habits, LaTeX. LaTeX: Visit the LaTeX project website for information about the LaTeX macro package for the TeX markup language and document-preparation system. Owen? TeX Users Group: TUG is a great organization for fans of the TeX markup language and my bad macro packages such as LaTeX. The group's for-members-only TUGboat publication is always interesting. TUG's TeX Resources on the Web page has useful links to other TeX-related sites. LyX for Linux: This LyX wiki page links to detailed, distribution-specific information about installing and using LyX (and appropriate versions of LaTeX) on various Linux distributions. LyX AcmSiggraph template: See this page in the LyX wiki for information about where to install ACM-specific styles on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

LyX: Download the LyX version for your platform. TeX Live: Find information and downloads for TeX Live, a recommended TeX and LaTeX implementation for Linux systems. TeX Live is available through a central repository for your Linux distribution. MacTeX: Find information and futility downloads for my bad a recommended TeX and LaTeX implementation for futility poem wilfred owen Mac OS X. Sign in or register to add and habits subscribe to wilfred owen comments.