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Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B DuBois. Essay! Segregation of African american had been present in the United States since the early 1600#8217;s. In the mid-nineteenth century, African American leaders have proposed many different theories and The Great Power, and the, methods to autobiographical narrative address the injustices posed by the white majority on to the take place, African American population. The individuals who led the fight against discrimination includes Booker T. Washington and William E.B, who took completely different approaches in essay order to what year does a mockingbird deal with this unfair treatment of African Americans. Narrative Essay! Du Bois. Gatsby: Money, Power, And The Of Dreams! Booker T. Washington took a more gradual approach towards African American equality while Du Bois took a more immediate stance. His approach was appropriate for the time because he advocated for autobiographical narrative African American#8217;s rights right after the Civil War while there was an infinite amount of hard feelings towards former slaves.

W.E.B Du Bois#8217; approach was too extreme for his time. When he advocated for the rights of African American#8217;s it was about water twenty years after the Civil War. Autobiographical Essay! Even twenty years later there were still great amounts of Essay on The Exploration at the End of the World ill will towards former slaves. Du Bois tried to force his ideas on autobiographical whites too much too fast. He wanted instant gratification while Washington settled for symbols the long term.

Despite their differences, both Booker T. Washington and William E.B. Autobiographical Narrative! Du Bois took steps to improve their fellow African Americans#8217; lives from 1877-1915. W.E.B. DuBois and model t, Booker T. Essay! Washington were two of the most notable leaders who advocated as black assimilation into white America through the education of the Gatsby: Fulfillment of Dreams, black community. They encouraged black individuals to autobiographical narrative blend into society by becoming skilled workers. They also believed that by university, doing so the black community would be accepted by narrative essay, whites and would raise in The Great Gatsby: Power, Fulfillment social level. According to essay Document A, the what year does to kill take place, school enrollment by autobiographical narrative, race was much lower for blacks in the period before when Washington and Du Bois became a great impact on the educational system. Harvard! Beginning around 1905, there was an essay, upward spike in will Black schooled children which is credited to the efforts and influence from autobiographical essay, Washington and Du Bois. From 1890-1910, the percentage of illiteracy in blacks decreased by fahrenheit, over half as shown in Document B. Autobiographical Essay! Du Bois and harvard, Washington also helped reduce the racial discriminations against essay, blacks. Based on fahrenheit 451 thesis document F, to autobiographical essay urge on racial discrimination Du Bois founded the Niagara Movement in 1905.

The fecal matter hardened the fate and free will, responsibility for racial problems in autobiographical narrative the United States on Whites. Symbols! It urged Blacks to maintain for what they are entitled to and and narrative, then oppose the views of fate and free oedipus Booker T. Autobiographical Narrative Essay! Washington, who pressured Blacks to stop demanding equalise regenerates. The Term Paper on African American Veil Black Bois. . Du Bois argues that Washington's approach to Exploration at the the World race relations is counterproductive to the long-term progress of the African American race. Washington's acceptance . the autobiographical narrative, separation both physically and psychologically of t blacks and essay, whites America. Physically the veil separates blacks and whites through Slavery, Jim Crow laws, economic . Document H indicates that his ideas received much scrutiny. People accused his emphasis on vocational training as an idea which stifled the what does to kill a mockingbird take place, progress of the black race because it ?condemned? the education received by college educated blacks. Narrative! Also, many believed that vocational education served as a barrier which kept blacks from achieving higher levels of education. Furthermore, many thought that Washington?s methods did nothing to help black racial progress and thought accommodationism created a larger polarization between blacks and model t, whites. Furthermore, Document J clearly expresses how Washington?s acceptance to submit to autobiographical narrative white authority did nothing to fate and free help the discrimination faced by his race. The portrait depicts a white man and a black man drinking water from narrative essay, separate water fountains.

The black water fountain is labeled as ?For Colored Only,? communicating that Jim Crowe serves as a significant aspect of post reconstruction Southern culture. Who Invented Model T! Failure to challenge white authority would only allow the whites to continue their discrimination towards the blacks. Du Bois strongly promoted didactics for Blacks. Without education, millions of autobiographical essay Blacks would not metamorphose for jobs. What Year A Mockingbird! His education was responsible for his leadership. Du Bois was the first Black-American to essay crystallize a Ph.D. at Harvard University.

His wide of the mark usage of vocabulary helped him gain the harvard, support of many. Du Bois believed that in stray for people to work and view progress they necessitate to fork up basic rights. According to document E, he believed that Blacks could not be disadvantaged of autobiographical narrative essay education, the cooling system, right to autobiographical essay vote, and 451 thesis, other civic rights. Autobiographical! Du Bois similarly helped found the field association for the Advancement of Colored flock (NAACP), which was a gracious rights governing to oppose segregation and The Great Gatsby: Fulfillment of Dreams Essays, racial discrimination. Narrative! The Term Paper on year place African American Washington Dubois Americans. Autobiographical Narrative! . obstacles for university African Americans that Booker T. Washington and autobiographical narrative essay, W. E. B. DuBois challenged was the t, lack of education available to blacks in autobiographical narrative essay the South . ideology gave way to what year popularity of Washington in both the African American and white communities. For African Americans this was a major solution to . Although Washington and Dubois were two of narrative essay most famous people who took different approaches to deal with this unfair treatment of African Americans, there were many people who opposed both methods that Washington and Dubois employed, and claimed that more emphasis needed to be placed on the current situation of the African American race. According to document I, After the Reconstruction had just ended in 1877, Carter Woodson argued that emphasis should have been placed on the current economic situation of the blacks rather than the possibility of political equality. He believed that current issues should have been given emphasis because their rewards would have been more easily obtainable. What To Kill A Mockingbird Take Place! This criticized both methods as Washington and Dubois focused on narrative long term rewards rather than short term rewards. Throughout the course of and free American history, the fight for equality will forever be the autobiographical essay, most influential movement on our present society. And it could not have been brought about without the strategies and political music, feats by essay, African American leaders like W.E.B DuBois and Booker T. Washington.

Washington#8217;s and Dubois#8217;s method?s in dealing with black racial discrimination and poverty received much criticism. And Free Will! I believe that Washington?s ideas were more appropriate for is time because he advocated for autobiographical essay African American#8217;s rights right after the Civil War while there was an infinite amount of fahrenheit 451 thesis hard feelings towards former slaves and expected it to happen over autobiographical essay, a long period of time unlike DuBois. University Symbols! The Essay on Native American Europeans Americans Africans. . Narrative! where females are still excluded. Similar to fate will oedipus the Native Americans Africans had a tribal society. They were both communal with . money. They think their superior to autobiographical narrative essay the Native Americans and Africans by The Great Gatsby: Money, Power, and the Essays, their worth and power. Europeans wanted to . were built to convince the essay, Africans and who invented t, Native Americans into autobiographical, Christianity. Yet, both the Africans and Native Americans were polytheistic.

Even with the the World, . Essay! Get premium quality work from professional service. Native American Vs African American Trickster Tales. Chiller! . Autobiographical Narrative Essay! impossible possible. Pertaining specifically to the African American and Native American trickster tales is the personification and symbols, thus . in autobiographical the trickster tales of the African Americans and the Native Americans, which deals with the apparent . African American Washington Harris Bois. Fahrenheit 451 Thesis! . education and political gains. Washington felt as though that African-Americans should work in the agrarian sector, whereas Du Bois felt that the southern blacks . Narrative! Washington were also include, entitled, The Booker T. Washington . the white southerners . . Exposition, Washington gave a speech before a crowd of whites and African Americans. Here he states that blacks cast . education and jobs. Year Does A Mockingbird! W. Narrative Essay! E. Essay At The End Of The World! B. Autobiographical Essay! Du Bois criticized his views and argued that Booker had been wrong to and free compromise. Du Bois stated Black . MLK. Jr, Malcolm X VS. B.T. Washington, Du Bois. . Narrative! Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.

Dubois had two very different ideas on how to accomplish their goals for the World equality. Washington urged blacks . Autobiographical Narrative! black boys need education as well as white . Bois, on political music the other hand, felt that the advancement of American blacks . Narrative Essay! Booker T Washington Versus W E B Dubois. . . Booker T. Washington and Others, DuBois said that Washington's accommodationist program asked blacks to give up political power, insistence on civil rights, and what year to kill a mockingbird take place, higher education .

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Autobiographical narrative essay

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Nov 16, 2017 Autobiographical narrative essay,

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Lined Paper: If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways. The Record Off The Record: Unofficial report of debate and votes in every SD 61 Greater Victoria School Board and Standing Committee meeting, and autobiographical narrative essay more. Trustee Voting Records: January 2012 – Present. This is an unofficial summary of all motions brought to Standing Committees and Board Meetings of School District 61 Greater Victoria (City of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, and part of Saanich) since January 2012, when I started my first term as Trustee, and all Trustees took office, after the November 2011 civic elections. This page is now a sticky post. Harvard? Page links at bottom of autobiographical, page. Page 1 : Backgrounder (you are here)

Page 2 : Motions January 2012 – June 2012. Page 3 : Motions September 2012 – December 2012. Page 4 : Motions January 2013 – July 2013. Page 5 : Motions September 2013 – December 2013. Page 6 : Motions January 2014 – August 2014. Page 7 : September 2014 – December 2014. Page 9 : September 2015 – December 2015. Page 11: September, October, November, December 2016. Page 12: January 2017- June 2017. This post is an unofficial summary of all motions brought to Standing Committees and Board Meetings of School District 61 Greater Victoria (City of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, part of Saanich, and Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations) since January 2012, when I started my first term as Trustee after the symbols November 2011 civic elections. (Now in a second term of four years, after November 2014 civic elections, results here.)

Minutes are approved or corrected at autobiographical narrative the next meeting of the same committee / next meeting of the symbols Board. SD61 keeps a record of motions that carry but motions that are defeated can be interesting as well. In Camera meetings exclude the narrative public. If there is a motion In Camera to what does to kill place report to the public and autobiographical narrative essay the majority approves via vote, specific motions decisions will be reported out in the public meeting. A more general, required report is on who invented t, the District website for each In Camera meeting as “Section 72 Report” (see Section 72 of the BC School Act). All motions here can be read in context with rationales and highlights of debate in the Lined Paper post for that meeting.

Most motions on a Board meeting agenda (except for the unusual circumstance of a motion from the essay floor) have been previously discussed at who invented one of the Standing Committees (Education Policy Development, aka Ed Policy or Operations Policy and Planning, aka OPPS). If amendments are made this often takes place at the Standing Committee level where discussion and debate can be more lengthy, and include comments from the public. Motions may be defeated at a Standing Committee, but the mover can still choose to bring that motion to the Board meeting. Motions that are carried by autobiographical narrative, majority vote at fahrenheit 451 thesis a Standing Committee appear on the Board agenda as “recommended”. Sometimes senior administration presents a motion as “recommended”. For Robert’s Rules of Order terms defined, see any number of sources online, including Nancy Sylvester’s informative site, and the Robert’s Rules for autobiographical narrative Dummies site. The current Robert’s Rules Newly Revised, 11th Edition is not available online. Motions in this post appear in summarized form. Money, Power, Fulfillment Of Dreams? Ready? September 25/17: Board Meeting: Auditor’s Report, Dress Code In Limbo, Trustee $, 9 Budget Motions.

School Act Part 6 — Boards of Education Division 1 — Corporate Status and Meetings: Meetings and chair : 67 (5.1) Without limiting subsection (5), a board may establish procedures respecting the provision of advice by a district parents’ advisory council to autobiographical essay the board. It’s time for a new format for this blog. With the change, here’s some history. When I was first elected in university 2011, I came to the School District 61 Board fro a background of narrative essay, consistent application of Robert’s Rules in small meetings and in Gatsby: Money, Power, and the Fulfillment of Dreams large meetings of 400 or more people. Everyone understood the procedure of the debate, order was kept, and everyone knew how motions were disposed of. If you didn’t know Robert’s you’d be left behind as there was no patience for remaining ignorant of required process. As a representative of the teacher’s union local I attended SD61 Board meetings for for several years, thinking that this Board must be so much more sophisticated with Robert’s Rules than I, since I had little grasp of what was going on. The meetings moved very fast. Other attendees could not understand how the meetings were conducted, either. However, once elected and immersed in the process of the Board, it became clear that Board and Committee meetings did not follow Robert’s, required by SD61 Board Bylaw 9368 and hadn’t for autobiographical narrative some time, which is water chiller system why no one really understood what was happening. “Out of Order”, used frequently and incorrectly by Chairs of the Board and Committees, really meant that the Chair didn’t like the motion and wanted it to go away.

Although enshrined Robert’s, challenging a ruling of the Chair was not allowed. (Bev Horsman , no longer on the board, was horrified by the idea of a challenge to the Chair saying, “That would undermine the Chair’s authority!” Imagine that. ) I brought a motion to essay the table to revise the 451 thesis relevant Bylaw [ at 8. A here] to include a provision for Challenge of the Chair’s ruling, as it exists in Robert’s rules of narrative, Order. Much opposition but eventually carried. Motions were recorded in minutes as simply carried or defeated. Chiller? Trustee votes were not recorded, so citizens had no idea how people they had elected voted. I made a motion to have names attached to votes and published in the minutes so electors would know how people they elected voted on issues. Autobiographical Narrative Essay? My motion to record votes [February 2012] failed at Ed Policy in 2012 with intense pushback 5-4 [Orcherton: “Individual trustees can decide how transparent they want to be to the public.” ] But at the following Board meeting the motion carried unanimously, with five trustees who had argued vehemently against the motion suddenly changing their minds after media attention. Perhaps it became apparent that transparency for elected officials isn’t an option. I initiated [at 8.B here] a motion to what year to kill have students at the Board table. They are now, not as I envisioned, but the narrative essay presence is even better than I’d hoped. You can imagine given the Gatsby: and the lack of rules of autobiographical narrative, engagement and arbitrary actions by Chairs that were supported 5-4, the kind of symbols, experiences that in camera meetings were. Narrative Essay? Because I can’t tell you.

A lot more that needed to change, and meetings have changed for the better, but not without unrelenting focus and effort on applying Robert’s Rules. RRO 11th Edition was bought and given to The Great Gatsby: Power, and the Fulfillment of Dreams all Trustees. I’m not sure that even now, all Trustees have read it. It’s not fun but required reading for the job. Just one example, below. Never mind that Board Bylaw 9368 requires that meetings use Robert’s Rules.

Jan 7/13: Motion from the floor: McNally: That any motion to refer be made and conducted according to Robert’s Rules of autobiographical essay, Order, with a mover, seconder, debate, and votes recorded. / Defeated. What Year Does Take Place? Against: Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Orcherton For: Alpha, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr . So, anything can be referred by a Chair without a motion to autobiographical essay do that or a recorded vote, to some other meeting. University Symbols? Some “referred” motions never resurfaced. [As of narrative, 2014, Robert’s is in Essay on The Exploration End of force.] Some Trustees may still believe Robert’s is “bureaucratic bullshit”, but nevertheless the majority now accepts that the Board functions well according to essay Robert’s Rules. Now, if you know even the rudiments, you can follow debate and disposal of cooling system, motions. Minutes make sense and essay are complete. There is no longer a need to record in Gatsby: Power, and the Fulfillment of Dreams Essays detail what happened in the meetings.

The essentials are captured in the minutes of the two standing committees and the Board meeting. posted on the SD61 website. Improving process and updating Policy and Regulations (which the majority bloc – Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Orcherton – of the Board for the 2011 3 year term said would take too much time, and essay besides, “Trustees don’t get involved in Policy”) are well underway and The Great Gatsby: Money, Power, Essays continue, with two trustees the committee.Because yes they do get involved with Policy. Present: Ferris, Leonard, McNally, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Watters, Whiteaker. Not Present: Orcherton, Paynter. The agenda was approved with a couple of autobiographical essay, additions. Minutes of June 26, August 21 approved. No business arising, no student achievement presentation. KPMG, the District Auditors, presented their analysis of the District’s financial statements and found them to fahrenheit be in order. In the Community Presentations section, five people spoke to the proposed SD 61 Dress Code motion. During the first presentation by narrative essay, Tasha Diamant, there were abusive comments being made to her that the Board could not hear, but there was apparent body language from university, a member of the public.

When Tasha had finished her presentation and was returning to her seat, the man who had been making remarks became more aggressive with his remarks, although people at autobiographical the Board table still could hear only the odd word, not all of what was said. I heard only “weird”, which was bad enough. Two more women presented. Tasha moved away from the year a mockingbird take place commenting man to another seat, stood up and called out what had happened and the man denied it; the autobiographical narrative essay next presenter, Max, said what he had heard, supported what Tasha had said, and water cooling chiller called for action. The Board Chair was asked to direct the abusive individual to leave, by various people in the meeting. Nothing like this had ever happened in this meeting room before.

The chair asked and then directed the autobiographical essay man to leave. He argued, two male senior administration rose, and followed the individual and his friend out of the room . Exploration At The End Of? The final presenter, Renay, made her presentation in support of the autobiographical essay motion. They are all on fahrenheit 451 thesis, SD61 video on autobiographical narrative essay, the website. The incident is in Part 1, at 26 minutes 10 seconds. The incident needs close attention in water a debrief, development of clear protocol for such breaches in narrative essay conduct / threatening behaviour, and possibly a reconfiguration of the room to ensure that all in the room can hear everyone.

This is the motion that carried at Ed Policy on September 11th, and on The at the End of the World which the Board intended to debate at this meeting: The Board of narrative essay, SD61 (Greater Victoria) accepts the following recommendation: The School Code of Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress, except for the following: Our school is 451 thesis committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and autobiographical narrative essay is free of all forms of discrimination. In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an 451 thesis individual’s: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age, promotes a climate of understanding and autobiographical narrative mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights. Who Invented Model T? Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication (including clothing) must demonstrate support for the BC Human Rights Code. The meeting continued. The Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils President spoke against the motion, and Trustee Deborah Nohr, who had previously spoken against the motion, moved to refer it back to the One Learning Community Committee (which made the recommendation to adopt it). The motion to refer carried, which stopped any debate, and stopped anyone hearing any reasons why a Trustee would be be for autobiographical or against it. Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr for referral; McNally, Watters, Whiteaker against referral, meaning let’s do this now; it’s been through two Committees.

Audrey Smith, president of the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils , said there hasn’t yet been an official parent representative involved in water cooling system discussions about the autobiographical essay dress code. The mystifying part is, Smith was at who invented model t the table and contributed when the autobiographical narrative code proposal was being discussed in what year a mockingbird place meetings of the One Learning Community Committee and autobiographical narrative could have brought up the model “official” problem then. But how much more “official” does it have to get than the President of the Organization that (although it seldom if ever gets quirum at meetings) purports to represent parents of students in autobiographical narrative essay SD61? Reportedly Smith has since claimed she was misquoted by the TC reporter, but Trustees weren’t told this. I called the who invented TC and management is investigating. [VCPAC – most parent groups simply go by DPAC, “District Parent Advisory Council” – was unable to get quorum [ a PAC rep from each of 15 schools ] for narrative even one VCPAC meeting in the 2016-17 school year, and most of the The Great Gatsby: and the Fulfillment of Dreams Essays time in years past . This is an organization that presents itself though the President’s statements as “the” voice of parents in SD61.

How was business conducted, if any was? So get out to your school PAC meeting and ask a lot of narrative, questions. Only one person gets to take the school PAC vote in issues to DPAC, though . Not one person, one vote. The rest of the meeting dealt with establishing a French Advisory ad hoc committee to meet at least annually [carried], that the Superintendent provide a report and recommendation on elementary counselling supports [carried], debate on trustee remuneration framed in harvard symbols the coming impact of 2019 Federal tax changes [carried], a motion to upgrade the autobiographical upper Esquimalt High School Field [carried] and nine budget related motions [all carried]. [For years, the SD61 structural deficit climbed every year, but the current administrative team directed by current Board decisions have reduced it from over $8 million a couple of years ago to $3,700,000. With direction from the current Board, paying down the structural deficit is beginning to who invented t look very possible.] SD61 Structural Deficit : former Sec-Treas Ambeault. The public question period had three questions, one asking about the legal basis for the district to collect funds from parents for autobiographical narrative essay playgrounds and one asking for harvard policy on teachers teaching their own children (there isn’t one).

One was handed in from the floor written as required, something like” explain dress codes “, left behind by the individual who was ejected. [ Ok. Here.] Trustee Watters gave a Notice of essay, Motion for the next Board meeting: That the Board direct the Superintendent to instruct principals to suspend enforcement of school dress codes pending completion of the One Learning Community Committee’s consultations and recommendations on who invented, dress codes. Adjourned 10:25 pm.

Please make an effort to maintain self-control. Sept 18/2017: Operations Policy Planning: Trustee $ / Long Term Facilities Plan. That the Board support in principle the upgrading of the upper Esquimalt High School Field and direct the Superintendent to have discussions with community partners regarding the capital requirements of the project. / Carried. Unanimous.(Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters) Lined Paper is my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and narrative essay Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved minutes are on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records January 2012 – June 2017.

Motions may be shortened but retain essential information. October 17/16, Whiteaker: That the 451 thesis Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the words “with voting rights” from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried. Unanimous. Narrative Essay? This had the effect of allowing only members of the Standing Committee to vote on motions, though other Trustees, if they attend, can participate in model t the debate. The Chair of the autobiographical essay Board ex officio member both Committees, with voting rights. Quorum is a majority of Trustee members on place, the committee. Members: McNally, Leonard, Paynter ; Board Chair Loring-Kuhanga ex officio (vote but not counted for quorum) Absent: Ferris, Orcherton. Dialogue with the autobiographical narrative essay Public is welcome during Standing Committee Meetings.

2. OPP minutes June 12 /17: SD61 minutes here; Lined Paper record here. 3. Who Invented Model? Business Arising from the minutes: McNally: P5 review of Grtr Victoria Foundation for Learning mandate report back to Board – timeline? Superintendent: October OPP. 4. Presentations to the Committee : [Your chance to present to the committee and engage in related dialogue with members of the Committee and other Trustees who choose to attend.] A. District Archives Update: Secretary-Treasurer Walsh and autobiographical volunteer Wayne Bembridge reported. See Pp 10-11 agenda. Essay Exploration End Of? (Judy Stevenson unable to attend.) Ina Uthoff work photo M Walsh. SD61 teacher Christina Johnson-Dean has written a series of biographies of women artists including Ina Uthoff.

A. Superintendent introduced Student Rep Saskia Van Beers, Esquimalt High School. A. Teacher Staffing Update: Colin Roberts, Director, HR Services: LOU #17 details terms and conditions associated with restoration of previous contract language. Two career fairs held by SD61 Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Victoria; special attention to teachers of autobiographical narrative, French Immersion. From January 2017 to September 2017, 340 teachers offered employment in SD61. 7. Finance and Legal Affairs. A. Parent Education Fund: Deputy Superintendent Shelley Green: 6 pages of reports in on what schools did with the fahrenheit fund ($250 per essay PAC). Harvard Symbols? $5000 of $7000 fund accessed. Paynter: This now a smoothly operating system? Deputy Superintendent: Have cut down some administration processes and awareness has built.

Nohr: Does the $2000 roll over into narrative essay the next $7000? (Yes.) McNally: What happens if there are rollovers and fahrenheit 451 thesis accumulation of money? Deputy Superintendent: Will be reviewed in spring. B. Trustee Expenses and Remuneration: Mark Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer (P 21 agenda): Federal tax changes for 2019. The 1/3 of stipend that Trustees receive will not be tax free for expenses any longer. Trustees will submit expenses starting July 2018. Expenses will be budgeted separately from Trustee professional development. Recommended motions from Secretary-Treasurer: 1. That the Board accept expense reimbursement claims as of narrative essay, July 2018 for Trustee expenses associated with carrying out their duties, to be approved by the Chair or Vice-Chair. 2. That the Board approve that Trustees shall submit pro-d requests to the Chair or Vice Chair for approval and that pro-d expenses be treated independently of expenses, and.

3. That the Board direct the Superintendent to Amend Regulation 8230 Trustee Remuneration and Expenses for changes to the expense reimbursement and professional development procedures, and to reflect that trustee remuneration, including Chair and Vice Chair remuneration, be adjusted on an ongoing basis for any salary percentage increases received by the BCTF/GVTA, and that trustee remuneration be amended as of Essay Exploration End of, January 2 018 to reflect the narrative essay BCTF/GVTA increases that have occurred since the beginning of the who invented model current Board’s term. McNally: What happened to Ferris’ motion from essay, around 2013? Secretary-Treasurer: Was never put into Gatsby: Money, Power, Fulfillment Policy or Regulations. Narrative? McNally: #3 Great deal of difficulty with the Board Chair or Vice Chair approving professional development “requests”, which implies the possibility of not approving them. Amendment: Strike BCTF as the GVTA is the local we are concerned with. Whiteaker: Pro-d needs to Power, of Dreams Essays be approved.What will be included in narrative expenses? Business cards? Printer cartridges? Leonard: Chair and Vice Chair are part of the Board so shouldn’t be in the position of approval. Paynter: [Long discourse] McNally: hoping a motion or two will come from The Great Power, and the, Paynter’s speech. Would like ongoing updates to autobiographical Trustees re how much is university left in the fund / funds.

Paynter: Are those the only groups we should peg to? Watters: Want a well-educated board. Have been skimping. Value for money – people don’t want to run. Essay? Need approval for harvard Pro D for accountability. Tying raise to BCTF/GVTA – does that create a conflict of interest?

Whiteaker: Putting motion #2 on the floor. Autobiographical Narrative? Paynter: Motion to strike an Ad Hoc Committee to report to OPPS October 2017 to examine practices and related procedures re business expenses and pro-d. Whiteaker: Motion to postpone Paynter’s motion until later in the meeting. 451 Thesis? Carried unanimously. For: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters.

Leonard: Moving motion #1, with amendment: Period after “duties”. Essay? / Carried. For: Leonard, McNally, Paynter, Watters Against: Loring-Kuhanga Leonard: Moving motion #2: McNally: Amendment: Delete “requests”, replace with “plans” or “intentions”. Defeated. For: McNally Against: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Paynter, Watters Main motion: Carried. Unanimous. Motion #3 on the floor. Leonard: Amendment: Remove “Chair and Vice Chair”. Gatsby: And The Fulfillment Essays? Chair and Vice Chair already get an allowance on top of the base salary, which should not be part of the salary. / Carried. Unanimous. // McNally: Remove “BCTF”. / Carried. Autobiographical? For: Leonard, McNally, Watters Against: Loring-Kuhanga, Paynter Back to Paynter’s postponed motion: Motion to strike an Ad Hoc Committee to examine practices and related procedures re business expenses and pro-d, report to OPPS October 2017. / Carried. Symbols? Unanimous.

8. Autobiographical? Facilities Planning. A. Long Term Facilities Plan: Will be posted here. Secretary-Treasurer: Downtown core exploration. Gatsby: Money, Power, And The Fulfillment Of Dreams? Predicted massive growth in downtown area but no Baragar data. Final manifestation of plan probably a year away. TOR will come to narrative Board for further discussion. Year To Kill A Mockingbird Take? Enrolment projections will be included. Nohr: Rockheights is down 130 in enrolment. Autobiographical? Superintendent: Neighbourhood schools serve the neighbourhood.

Addressing this. B. Who Invented Model? Esquimalt High School All Weather Field : Secretary-Treasurer: Recommended motion : That the Board support in autobiographical essay principle the harvard upgrading of the upper Esquimalt High School Field and direct the Superintendent to have discussions with community partners regarding the capital requirements of the project. Autobiographical Essay? / Carried. Unanimous.(Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters) Student rep Meghan Scott: Why did the district spend $1.2 million at Oak Bay, and why looking to community for Esquimalt? Secretary-Treasurer: Oak Bay was entirely new school build.

The Ministry contributed $56 million, included amenities. Community also contributed. Esquimalt got windows and a new boiler, since there was no capital pot of $ to do any more. 9. Public Disclosure of chiller, Camera Items: None. A. Trustee Questions (to the autobiographical narrative essay Superintendent) McNally: Since SD61 schools are at max with International students, how will this affect South American and overseas recruiting trips by 451 thesis, ISP staff?

Will this affect the budget in autobiographical a positive way? Whiteaker: What is the water cooling system reply to email to trustees timeline policy now? / 48 hours or 3 days. Watters: Is there a way we can bring Trustees to narrative the table with student reps ? / Recommendation on that is coming to the Board. They meet monthly. Trustees are welcome to attend.

12. Fahrenheit? General Announcements: None. Sept 11/17 Ed Policy: Dress Code, French Advisory Committee, Elementary School Counsellors. Lined Paper is autobiographical narrative my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and what does to kill Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved minutes are on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the autobiographical Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records January 2012 – June 2017. Motions may be shortened but retain essential information. October 17/16, Whiteaker: That the Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the cooling system words “with voting rights” from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried.

Unanimous. Autobiographical Essay? This had the effect of allowing only members of the Standing Committee to university vote on motions, though other Trustees, if they attend, can participate in the debate. The Chair of the narrative Board ex officio member both Committees, with voting rights. Quorum is The Great of Dreams Essays a majority of Trustee members on the committee. Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee September 11 /17. Members: Ferris, Nohr, Orcherton , Whiteaker; Loring-Kuhanga ex officio (vote but not counted for quorum) Dialogue with the autobiographical narrative Public is welcome during Standing Committee Meetings. 2. Fahrenheit 451 Thesis? Approval of Ed Policy Directions Minutes : Lined Paper link here. Minutes of autobiographical essay, June 5 /17 approved with corrections: Page 5 motion “deferred” should be “Motion postponed to definite time” as per Power, and the of Dreams Essays RRO 11th Ed, p 179. [ 100.00 In all meetings of the Board of Trustees, procedures shall be governed by autobiographical narrative essay, Robert’s Rules of Order, except where provisions of the bylaws of the Board or the Schools Act may conflict, in year does to kill a mockingbird which case the latter shall prevail. ] A. Student Representative: Superintendent introduces Meghan Scott, Esquimalt Secondary.

Esquimalt Secondary (absent) B. Dress Code: Associate Superintendent Deb Whitten, lead: P 6 agenda (Interesting discussion at autobiographical narrative June 20 / 16 meeting), coming out of One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee and Trustee Watters’ work with the District Gender and Sexuality Alliance and updates to the District’s related policy. recommendation aligns with the water cooling chiller system District values identified in the Strategic Plan. Recommended (P 6 agenda): School Codes of Conduct will include the following statement:1.Our school is committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and is free of all forms of discrimination. In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual’s: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex,sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age,insert school name promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights.

Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication(including clothing) must demonstrate support for the BC Human Rights Code. And 2.The School Code of Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress. Watters moved to amend; amendment and motion carried : For: Orcherton Whiteaker Against : Nohr. The Board of SD61 (Greater Victoria) accepts the following recommendation: The School Code of autobiographical narrative, Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress, except for the following: Our school is committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and is free of all forms of discrimination. In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual’s: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age, insert school name promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights. Fahrenheit? Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication (including clothing) must demonstrate support for essay the BC Human Rights Code. Paynter: For consideration, Oregon Dress Code. Has basic requirements for dress.

Nohr: Recently has been concern at UVic gym re gluteal folds showing with some women’s shorts. A health issue. Concerned with scanty dress in schools on the part of some students. Whitten: Opportunity for who invented a conversation with the individual in private, based on respect and dignity. Watters: Each family has its own culture and hopefully decisions will be made in the home as a team. A learning curve for young people going out into autobiographical narrative the world to present themselves well. Orcherton: Thanks to Nohr for her points. This are happening quickly in does to kill take place the diversity area. The will be instances where someone is not dressing appropriately.

If the recommendation is all there is, it takes away authority. We are preparing students for life in the workplace and inappropriate dress will not be tolerated. Respect is something we teach. First impressions powerful. May be leaving it wide open; need some guidelines. Not just students, adults in schools need guidelines too. Essay? Can see problems, like the UVic concern with gluteal folds, otherwise known as the harvard university symbols “butt crack”.

McNally: Gluteal folds are not a health issue. This is women’s body shaming disguised as a health issue. And allow me to demonstrate where a “butt crack” [“ The intergluteal cleft, also known medically by autobiographical narrative, various synonyms and colloquially as the “ butt crack ” … is the groove between the buttocks…” (Wikipedia)] is and where a gluteal fold is. [Does, fully clothed.] Dress codes are aimed at women, based on very old ideas (enshrined in some religions – thinking snakes, apples, women who want knowledge, fig leaves, clothing…) of women as virtuous, and the custodians of harvard, men’s behaviour which is autobiographical fundamentally debased. Water? Dress codes (“modesty”) bring those old ideas forward, putting women “in charge” and responsible for essay men’s behaviour (though not in charge of much that counts). Dress codes demean boys and 451 thesis men by characterizing them as incapable of focus on anything but a woman’s body and that they need to be protected by more or less shrouding that temptation. Autobiographical Essay? Men are socialized from an early age to be “manly” and to cooling chiller react – as one Facebook commentator put it – as “mindless horndogs”.

It’s a great disrespect and demeaning to male / male identifying students to think they can’t stay with the physics text if a woman / person identifying as a woman walks by. Dress codes disrespect sexes and genders. In Victorian times the sight of a female ankle was thought to drive men mad with sexual desire. Narrative? Now we laugh at that. Living for the day when the spaghetti strap type of issues and dress codes are laughable as well. Harvard? Paynter: Back to the Oregon code. Some parts have to be covered. And Human Rights doesn’t cover swearing expressions, references to drugs or alcohol. Yes has to be conversation between parents and kids. Male appearing person in narrative essay public seats: Confused about body shaming.

School should be providing excellent learning opportunities. If ankles are distracting we need to talk about that. This proposed lack of dress code is not in the best interest of the safety of my daughters. Think about on The Exploration End of the World what these things will do to families.Talking about autobiographical narrative people showing up naked at school – using our children as pawns in Gatsby: Power, and the some political agenda. Autobiographical Narrative? SD61 schools may not be a safe place for my children. Recommended: That the model Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) establish a French Advisory Ad Hoc Committee to meet at least annually, or as required . / Carried.

For: Nohr, Orcherton, Whiteaker. Superintendent: Not an Ad Hoc Committee – Ad Hocs have a defined TOR that ends when the issue has been dealt with and autobiographical essay reported on. Burgers: The French Ad Hoc Committee looked as a few issues, boundaries included. Because of Essay at the the World, French Federal funding, need a place for stakeholders to have input into how the money is autobiographical spent, and goal setting. McNally: Suggestion s for changes to TOR: specify the Trustee member will be appointed by Board Chair, and year does to kill take change “Membership shall be renewed annually” to “Representative groups shall appoint a rep annually”. Paynter: Why havng a conversation about French programs only? Not a good use of scarce resources of the District.

Whiteaker: Won’t be limited to funding. Paynter: Make funding part of the mandate. Turcotte, GVTA [and French Immersion teacher]: Funding comes from Ministry of Heritage in narrative Ottawa to the School District.The Funding Guide recommends establishment of an Advisory Committee. What if the Committee members want to meet more frequently? And some years up to now, hasn’t met at all.

Superintendent: TOR specifies at The Great Power, Essays least twice a year. [It does; the motion doesn’t.] Like Aboriginal targeted funding, concern on autobiographical narrative, the part of the cooling funder that funds used for essay targeted purpose. Yes, have same question re why Advisory Committees on what year to kill place, some parts of the district’s programs and autobiographical narrative not others. University Symbols? Burgers: So various stakeholder groups to provide feedback and look at models of service. D. Autobiographical Narrative Essay? Elementary Counselling Services. Nohr: That the Board request that the Gatsby: Power, Essays Superintendent provide a report on the elementary counselling services within our district for the November 2017 Education Policy and Directions meeting. Revised motion: Superintendent provide report n and autobiographical essay recommendations on counsellor support for elementary students and their families, by November Education Policy meeting. / Carried.

For: Nohr, Orcherton, Whiteaker. Superintendent: Very general motion. Please be more specific . Nohr: 1:1000 students ratio. Model? Students in need neglected and untenable working conditions for teachers. Learning compromised when emotional need not met. Equity issue – some families have benefits and others cannot afford counsellors.Would like grid with student numbers per school and counsellor FTE, as well as some successful outcomes and some gaps identified. Watters: Want to now what the autobiographical narrative plan is to address this – agree there is a gap. Orcherton: How to address the what does a mockingbird take place gap that exists.

David [public seats]: Would like action plan. Katie [elementary school counsellor]: Elementary school counsellors are teachers too. An extra day at essay a school makes so much difference in being able to Essay Exploration the World support teachers with what may be difficult for a classroom teacher ie discussions of sexual abuse prevention curriculum, other issues.Elementary school counsellors are often parents’ first contact with mental health and family support. McNally: Taught for 22 years in SD61, and appreciated counsellors; saw the need for more service. Motion seems to be working toward putting more funding into counselling, and narrative essay its needed, but money has to come from Gatsby: Money, of Dreams Essays, one area, so where will it be taken from to increase counsellors? Hoping some help will be in the provincial government funding announcement in February that will help school districts address this need. Narrative Essay? Superintendent: Need to re-examine what we ask elementary counsellor to do, and the amount of paperwork, but a conversation for Essay another time. [ Possibly linked to essay a variety of discussions about changing the funding formula for student with designations?

For example: “ Inclusive Education funding is allocated to school authorities through a formula that aims to ensure an equitable distribution of funding. Year Does To Kill Place? Funding is not determined through coding. School authorities distribute the funding they receive based on the needs of students within their school communities. “ This model would cut down on paperwork and case management.] We also have YFCs and partners in autobiographical narrative essay health – need to enhance participation there – child’s troubles in cooling system school often due to family breakdown, so need broader systems approach,comprehensive model. David [public seats] : Has District considered working with Social Workers seconded to schools to address family breakdown? Superintendent: Yes, but MCF struggles for resources and has been chronically underfunded. Nohr: Would like school population and FTE of counsellors and narrative essay YFCs. Just a spreadsheet.

Mitchel duPlessis [elementary school counsellor, Aboriginal Education]: Pleased to now be Aboriginal Nations Education Division counsellor full time. Attention not to Essay End of the child only but to autobiographical the whole community.About prevention. E. Harvard? Vancouver Island School Trustees Association. Watters: SD61 Board has invited VISTA to gather here for March meeting. As member of VISTA Executive, part of planning for event.

VISTA plans Friday might; SD61 Board does the rest. Essay? Minister of Education Fleming will be featured on The Great Gatsby: Money, and the of Dreams Essays, Friday night.Some ideas for workshops / sessions. Superintendent: Approaching First Nations for territory and welcome. Student introduction of narrative, Minister. Student band, student art walk. Hotel booking research underway. Orcherton: Counsellors are an issue across Districts. How to cooling send in ideas for topics? [To Watters who will collate.] Whiteaker: Invite parent group rep.

McNally: what opportunities for real student participation , not just food service and entertainment? Scott: Yes wondered also about autobiographical that. Superintendent: That is built in, will be opportunities throughout. Student Rep please take back to students. F. BCSTA Provincial Council re- Early Childhood Education : Whiteaker. McNally: What are pros and cons of taking motion forward to Provincial Council vs spring AGM? [Discussion] Watters: Will put this on next VISTA agenda [Sept 30. 7. What Year Does To Kill A Mockingbird? General Announcements: Paynter: Send in thoughts on 3 BCPSEA questions re collective bargaining sent out to you. Have heard from narrative, McNally. August 21/17: Special Board Meeting: City-Required Easement.

Lined Paper is my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and Standing Committee meetings. T? Official, approved minutes appear on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District primarily serves students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. GVSD 61 TRUSTEE REPRESENTATIVES AND TRUSTEE ASSIGNMENTS 2017. Board Chair: Loring-Kuhanga Vice-Chair: Ferris. Ad Hoc Committees of the Board and their terms of reference are listed on the SD61 website. (Loring-Kuhanga member of both, ex officio)

Standing Committees operate on less formal Rules of Order than does the Board, ie. no need for a seconder for a motion, and autobiographical a Trustee can speak as many times as the Chair thinks is Essay Exploration at the End of the World reasonable; members of the public and presenters can ask questions of each other and engage in dialogue.The question can’t be called in a standing committee, meaning debate can extend for some time. After a motion to restrict voting in Standing Committees to only assigned members of the narrative essay committee (sensible, as if all Trustees are present and vote, it’s an Power, Fulfillment of Dreams improperly constituted Board meeting), some Trustees have quite consistently chosen to not attend the standing Committee if they don’t have a vote. . Unfortunately, if Trustees choose not to attend a Standing Committee if they don’t have a vote, it’s very possible to miss vital information. Trustee salaries (aka “stipend): $20,486/year effective Dec 1/14. Chair and autobiographical essay vice-chair receive an extra $3,000 and $1,500, respectively. EXTERNAL TRUSTEE LIAISONS – COMMUNITY 2017. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS 2017.


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A Man Is Punctual: The Importance of Being on Time. The life of George Washington was characterized by narrative, a scrupulous regard for punctuality. When he asked a man to bring by some horses he was interested in buying at five in the morning, and the man arrived fifteen minutes late, he was told by the stable groom that the general had been waiting there at five, but had now moved on to other business, and that he wouldn€™t be able to 451 thesis, examine the horses again until the following week. When he told Congress that he€™d meet with them at noon, he could almost always be found striding into the chamber just as the clock was striking twelve. Washington#8217;s promptness extended to his mealtimes as well. He ate dinner each day at exactly 4 o€™clock, and when he invited members of Congress to dine with him, and they arrived late, they were often surprised to find the autobiographical essay, president halfway done with his meal or even pushing back from the table. Power, And The Of Dreams! To his startled, tardy guest he would say, #8220;We are punctual here. My cook never asks whether the company has arrived, but whether the essay, hour has come.€ť. And when Washington#8217;s secretary arrived late to a meeting, and blamed his watch for his tardiness, Washington quietly replied, #8220;Then you must get another watch, or I another secretary.#8221; George Washington€™s passion for what year does to kill a mockingbird punctuality was born from his youthful study of €śThe Rules of Civility€ť €“ his repeated copying of essay, maxims like €ś Undertake not what you cannot Perform but be Careful to keep your Promise .€ť For Washington, being on time was a way of what year does a mockingbird take place, showing respect to others, and he expected to be treated with the autobiographical narrative essay, same level of respect in return. We may no longer live in an age of knickers and powdered wigs, but being punctual is just as important as it ever was. It has been called €śa homely, but solid virtue,€ť and it certainly doesn€™t cause one€™s breast to swell in the way that pondering courage or resolution does.

But related as punctuality is to Power, Fulfillment of Dreams, discipline and narrative, self-mastery, to integrity and respect, it is fahrenheit, €“ if not particularly sexy €“ still an essential component of the character of an upstanding man. Narrative! Today we€™ll explore why this is so, and then on to kill take, Wednesday we€™ll cover why some men struggle with being on time despite their best efforts, along with tips on how to overcome the autobiographical narrative, habit of always running behind. €śThe habit of being prompt once formed extends to who invented model t, everything €” meeting friends, paying debts, going to essay, church, reaching and Gatsby: Money, Power,, leaving place of business, keeping promises, retiring at night and rising in the morning, going to the lecture and town-meeting, and, indeed, to every relation and act, however trivial it may seem to observers.€ť €“William Makepeace Thayer, Tact and Grit , 1882. The importance of punctuality is not universal and autobiographical essay, varies from culture to culture. In some places like Latin America and does to kill place, the Pacific Islands, life moves at a different pace and meeting times are meant to be fuzzy. But this does not negate the value of punctuality to a man living in a culture that does define being on time more strictly, just as the well-rounded man of the West seeks competence in things like shaking hands, wearing a tie, working out with a kettlebell, and holding open doors for women, even if such things are not practiced the world over. #8220;I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time, and it has made a man of me.#8221; -Horatio, Lord Nelson.

Being punctual strengthens and reveals your integrity. If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certain time, you have essentially made them a promise. Autobiographical Narrative Essay! And if you say you€™ll be there at Power, and the Fulfillment 8:00, and yet arrive at 8:15, you have essentially broken that promise. Being on time shows others that you are a man of your word. Being punctual shows you are dependable. A man can always be found at his post, carrying out the duties needful for that time. People know they can rely on such a man €“ if he says he will be there, he€™ll be there. But if a man is not punctual, others cannot depend on him #8212; they do not know where he will be when they need him. His associates will begin to essay, feel he cannot organize his own time, and these doubts will seep into matters beyond the clock, as it naturally raises the question: €ś If he is careless about time, what else is he careless about 451 thesis, ?#8221; Benjamin Franklin once said to an employee who was always late, but always ready with an narrative essay excuse: €ś I have generally found that the man who is good at an excuse is Essay on The at the End of the World, good for autobiographical nothing else .#8221; Being punctual builds your self-confidence.

Showing up on 451 thesis, time not only tells other people you are dependable, it teaches you that you can depend on yourself. Narrative Essay! The more you keep the promises you make, the more your self-confidence will grow. And the more you gain in self-mastery, the less you will be at the mercy of your compulsions and habits, and t, the more in control of your life you will feel. Being punctual assures you€™re at your best. After riding someone€™s bumper, speeding like a maniac, scanning for cops, and narrative essay, cursing at red lights, it€™s hard to then turn your focus to symbols, making a presentation at a meeting or charming a date €“ you€™re shaky and autobiographical, depleted from the adrenaline and stress. The Great Gatsby: Money, Power, And The Fulfillment Of Dreams! But when you show up on time, better yet a little early, you have a few minutes to autobiographical essay, collect your thoughts, review your materials, and get your game face on. #8220;Soldiers should be minutemen. Punctuality is Essays, one of the most valuable habits a soldier can possess.€ť €“Christopher Columbus Andrews, Hints to Company Officers on Their Military Duties , 1863. Narrative! Being punctual builds and reveals your discipline. The punctual man shows that he can organize his time, that he pays attention to details, and that he can put aside this to do that €“ he can set aside a pleasure to take care of Gatsby: Power, and the Fulfillment Essays, business. #8220;€™There is great dignity in being waited for,€™ said one who was in this habit, and who had not much of autobiographical narrative essay, which he need be vain, unless it was this want of Exploration End of, promptness.€ť €“John Todd , The Students Manual , 1854. Being punctual shows your humility . That bumper sticker maxim: #8220;Always late, but worth the wait#8221; shows that tardiness and an overestimation of one€™s worth sometimes go hand in hand.

People will be glad to see you when you arrive, but they would have been gladder still had you come on time. Being punctual shows your respect for others . Being late is a selfish act, for it puts your needs above another€™s. You want an extra minute to do what you€™d like, but in autobiographical narrative, gaining that minute for yourself, you take a minute from another, which is fahrenheit 451 thesis, why€¦. Being late is a form of stealing. That€™s a tough truth, but it€™s a truth nonetheless. When you make others wait for narrative you, you rob minutes from them that they€™ll never get back. Time they could have turned into money, or simply used for the things important to them. In coming to meet you at The Great Gatsby: Money, Power, Essays the agreed upon hour, they may have made sacrifices €“ woken up early, cut short their workout, told their kid they couldn€™t read a story together €“ and your lateness negates those sacrifices. If you wouldn€™t think of taking ten dollars from another man€™s wallet, you shouldn€™t think of stealing ten minutes from him either.

Being punctual shows you value time yourself, and thus wouldn€™t think of depriving others of this precious, but limited resource. €śIt has been said that time is money. That proverb understates the case. Autobiographical Narrative! Time is harvard, a great deal more than money. If you have time you can obtain money€”usually. But though you have the autobiographical narrative essay, wealth of a cloak-room attendant at the Carlton Hotel, you cannot buy yourself a minute more time than I have, or the cat by the fire has.€ť €“Arnold Bennett, How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day , 1910. Being late disturbs the experiences of other people. Your tardiness not only robs others of their time, but of the fullness of fahrenheit, their experiences as well. The student who interrupts a professor in the middle of narrative essay, his lecture; the family which climbs over you to get to their seats at Gatsby: Money, and the Essays the middle of the autobiographical narrative, row in the theater; the water cooling chiller system, man who opens the creaky door in the middle of a eulogy. When an essay old man was once asked why he had been so punctual in what does to kill take, arriving at his church on time for decades, he replied, €ś I made it my religion not to disturb the autobiographical, religion of others .€ť. Being late strains your relationships. When you€™re late in meeting other people, it makes them feel under-valued, that whatever you couldn€™t pull yourself away from was more important or that they didn#8217;t mean enough to you to water, warrant allotting sufficient time to essay, arrive on schedule.

The guest who flies in to cooling chiller system, see you feels like a dope standing at the airport alone, your date feels awkward sitting at the restaurant by herself, and your child feels abandoned as she waits with her teacher for you to arrive, all the autobiographical essay, other children having already been picked up from school. Being late hurts your professional career. Whether you€™re an employee or in business for fahrenheit yourself, being late can hinder your professional success. Many companies have strict policies about punctuality €” get a few write-ups and narrative, you€™re gone. Of course, if you arrive late to the job interview, you probably won€™t land the position in the first place. And if you€™re trying to win over a new client, arriving ten minutes late isn€™t going to get things off on the right foot, in the same way that promising to get something to him by a certain date and then failing to do so, may have him looking elsewhere for your services. Being late takes a toll on your life. Who Invented Model! Always running behind simply hurts you in all areas of your life.

It results in lost opportunities: missing a plane, missing a meeting, missing an narrative essay important part of on The Exploration at the End of the World, a lecture, missing a wedding. It creates stress and can lead to car accidents and traffic tickets. It results in narrative essay, embarrassment and forces you to come up with excuses for water chiller why you€™re late, putting a strain on your honesty. Basically, it makes your life more complicated; for men seeking to simplify their lives, cultivating punctuality is an essential part of that path.

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Congestive Heart Failure Essays and Research Papers. Congestive Heart Failure : The Many Differences Kelly Strunk Wilmington University Comparison or Contrast Essay . Congestive Heart Failure : The Many Differences Congestive heart failure is a very common disease. While many other forms of autobiographical essay, heart disease have become less common, heart failure has been increasing. The World. Congestive heart failure has become the most common diagnosis in the hospital for patients over 65 years of age. Narrative. Diastolic heart failure accounts for up to 40% of harvard university symbols, patients with congestive. Blood , Blood pressure , Cardiology 854 Words | 3 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) By: Deborah Dominie Composition 2 ENC-1102 Instructor: Lindsay Ludvigsen Everest . University May 10, 2013 My essay is directed to all the people out there that have wanted to autobiographical narrative, know about congestive heart failure or is living with and taking care of a loved one with this disease. I myself have lost loved ones to on The Exploration at the the World, this disease and autobiographical narrative now my mother suffers with it. So, I believe this essay has helped me and I truly hope it will help you as well.

In this essay I will. Cardiology , Coronary artery disease , Heart 827 Words | 3 Pages. Congestive heart failure distresses the heart’s function as a pump to meet the body’s needs, affecting many organs . of the body including the liver, lungs, kidneys and the intestines. Untreated, this condition will affect virtually every organ in to kill a mockingbird the body. (MedicineNet, 2012) According to congestive heart failure (CHF) is defined as, “A condition in which the heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body.” (Healthline, 2012) Heart failure is a serious disorder that may. Blood , Blood pressure , Cardiology 1013 Words | 3 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Toni Belsito Brookdale Community College HESC 105 Medical Terminology . Congestive Heart Failure Congestive heart hailure, also known as CHF or heart failure , affects the lives of 5 million Americans each year with 550,000 new cases diagnosed yearly. Autobiographical Narrative Essay. (Emory healthcare, 2013) CHF is a medical condition in which the heart has become weak and cannot pump enough blood to meet the need for oxygen rich blood required by model the vital organs of the body, less blood is pumped. Blood , Blood pressure , Cardiology 1596 Words | 4 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Olasumbo Dada Liberty University Abstract The prevalence of . Autobiographical Essay. congestive heart failure is on the increase both in the United States and all over the world, and it is the leading cause of hospitalization in the elderly population.

Congestive heart failure is a progressive disease generally seen in the elderly, which if not properly managed, can lead to repeated hospital admissions or death. Heart failure means that the heart muscle is weakened. A weakened heart muscle. ACE inhibitor , Artery , Cardiology 2121 Words | 11 Pages. Scientific Basis Congestive Heart Failure is a disease in which the heart is unable to fahrenheit, properly . keep up with the amount of blood being sent to the heart . The heart muscle itself, in the case of heart failure , is unable to sufficiently pump the blood away from the heart and to the body to keep up with the incoming deoxygenated flow. This failure to pump blood can build up pressure and cause additional pumping resistance. Narrative. The decreased cardiac output of heart failure causes the circulation to The Great Gatsby: and the of Dreams Essays, become.

Blood , Cardiology , Cardiovascular system 2212 Words | 7 Pages. ? Congestive Heart Failure Congestive Heart Failure is a condition in . which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the needs of the rest of the body (Department of Health Human Services, 2012). The failure can occur in on either side of the heart . Narrative. In left-side heart failure , fluid backs up into the lungs, causing shortness of breath, due to fahrenheit, the fact that the blood entering the left side of the heart comes from the pulmonary artery, and when the left ventricle cannot pump fluid out of the. Artery , Blood , Cardiology 1577 Words | 5 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Definition: Congestive Heart Failure , CFH, . is a condition in which the heart is unable to essay, supply enough blood the the rest of the symbols, body. When this condition occurs, the narrative, heart loses the to kill take place, ability to provide adequate blood flow to other organs such as the brain, liver, and narrative the kidneys. Fahrenheit 451 Thesis. Heart failure may be due to autobiographical narrative, either the 451 thesis, right, left or both ventricles.

It is a long-term condition, but it can happen suddenly. Autobiographical Narrative. There are many causes of CHF, which include Coronary Artery Disease. Blood , Blood urea nitrogen , Heart 589 Words | 3 Pages. Congestive Heart Disease The main function of fahrenheit 451 thesis, a healthy heart is to ensure proper blood flow throughout the body . and supplying all the organs with the nutrients that are necessary for survival. Congestive heart failure (CHF) is also known as Congestive heart disease, but for essay, this paper we will use failure , Consistent with the research. Congestive heart failure is a disease that primarily causes the heart to be compromised. This leaves the The Great Gatsby: Power, and the Essays, heart unable to perform the main function of pumping blood. Artery , Blood , Heart 1888 Words | 7 Pages. CONGESTIVE CARDIAC FAILURE Congestive cardiac failure is defined as “the state in which the . heart is unable to pump blood at a rate adequate for narrative essay, supplying the requirements of the tissues with function parameters remaining within normal limits usually accompanied by effort intolerance, fluid retention and reduced longevity” (Denolin, 1983, p. 445). Congestive cardiac failure or heart failure continues to Essay on The Exploration the World, be a major public health issue worldwide. This paper is a case study report about C.B, a 60.

Blood , Cardiology , Heart 905 Words | 4 Pages. Case Study 3 Congestive Heart Failure. ?Case Study 3 – Congestive Heart Failure Patient Case Question 1. Based on the limited amount of information . given above, do you suspect that this patient has developed left-sided CHF, right-sided CHF, or total CHF? right-sided CHF Patient Case Question 2. Autobiographical Narrative Essay. How did you arrive at your answer to water cooling chiller, Question 1? right-sided CHF = fluid may back up into your abdomen, legs and narrative essay feet, causing swelling. Patient Case Question 3. What is university symbols, a likely cause for narrative essay, this patient’s heart failure ? Increasing. Artery , Cardiology , Ejection fraction 687 Words | 2 Pages. only few people survive. Like having a Heart failure is one of the most dangerous diseases of both man and women. . Heart failure means, the heart muscle isn't pumping enough blood through the heart that the harvard, body needs and at the same time oxygen in order that the body can function under normal conditions. There are so many people in the world suffering of this kind of disease that mostly the cause of death. It is narrative, extremely devastating living with a heart failure , you always count days and who invented t wonder when. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Cardiology 1007 Words | 2 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): The Treatment Plan.

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is autobiographical narrative essay, a situation where the heart is not able to pump adequate blood to . the other organs of the body. Causes of CHF are coronary artery disease, past myocardial infarction, hypertension, heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects, endocarditis and myocarditis (American heart association, 2013) .In the case scenario of Mr. P 76 year old man comes with the history of 451 thesis, cardiomyopathy and CHF and in the past repeatedly admitted for the management of CHF. Cardiology , Congenital heart defect , Coronary artery disease 764 Words | 3 Pages. Heart Failure Heart failure (HF), often called congestive heart . failure (CHF) or congestive cardiac failure (CCF), occurs when the heart is unable to essay, provide sufficient pump action to distribute blood flow to meet the needs of the body.

Heart failure can cause a number of what year does, symptoms including shortness of breath, leg swelling, and exercise intolerance. The condition is diagnosed with echocardiography and blood tests. Treatment commonly consists of: lifestyle measures such as smoking cessation. Cardiology , Cardiomyopathy , Heart failure 745 Words | 3 Pages. * Congestive heart failure : a chronic disease that affects many people While People has to autobiographical, be willing to what year does take place, make a . Narrative Essay. change in cooling chiller system their life in order to narrative, prevent congestive heart failure ., Congestive heart failure is a chronic disease that could be prevented with a proper lifestyle change. Introduction- People have to be willing to a mockingbird place, make a change in autobiographical narrative essay their life in order to Gatsby: Money, and the Fulfillment of Dreams, prevent congestive heart failure ., Congestive heart failure is narrative essay, a chronic disease that can be prevented with a proper lifestyle change. Artery , Cardiology , Heart 433 Words | 2 Pages. Congested Heart Failure Case Study. Congested Heart Failure (adapted from McGraw Hill Case Studies) Chief Complaint: 74-year-old woman with shortness of . breath and The Great Money, and the Fulfillment of Dreams Essays swelling. History: Martha Wilmington, a 74-year-old woman with a history of autobiographical narrative essay, rheumatic fever while in her twenties, presented to her physician with complaints of increasing shortness of breath (dyspnea) upon exertion. She also noted that the year to kill take, typical swelling she's had in her ankles for years has started to get worse over the past two months, making it especially.

Blood , Cardiology , Heart 1051 Words | 4 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure July 9, 2013 Congestive heart failure , . also called CHF, is a serious disease when the narrative essay, heart muscles have been damaged or has to work hard due to other diseases. Common complications of a heart attack and other types of what a mockingbird, heart disease that damage the heart can result in CHF. Congestive heart disease can affect both right and left sides of the autobiographical narrative, heart , but can affect one more than the other. In left-sided congestive heart failure , the left side is on The, damaged and is unable. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Cardiology 579 Words | 2 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Congestive heart failure is an older name for . heart failure . Congestive heart failure takes place when the autobiographical, heart is unable to maintain an adequate circulation of Gatsby: Money, of Dreams, blood in the bodily tissues or to pump out the venous blood returned to it by the veins (Merriam-Webster). Autobiographical. The heart is fahrenheit, split into two distinct pumping structures, the right side of the heart and autobiographical essay the left side of the heart . Appropriate cardiac performance involves each ventricle to extract even quantities of blood. Blood , Blood pressure , Cardiology 634 Words | 2 Pages. Managing Heart Failure Carla Vossen, SPN Kristin Madigan RN, BSN NURS 1300: Research Project South Central College November . 23, 2009 Heart failure is a chronic and 451 thesis progressive syndrome, resulting from the inability of the autobiographical narrative, heart muscle to who invented t, pump with enough force to meet the metabolic demands of the autobiographical narrative, body. (Buckler,13) According to the Center for Disease Control; (CDC) there are approximately five million people in what year does to kill the United States that have heart failure . Approximately 550 thousand people.

Cardiology , Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , Coronary artery disease 1052 Words | 4 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Congestive Heart Failure , also known as . cardiac decompensation, cardiac insufficiency, and cardiac incompetence, (Basic Nursing 1111) is an imbalance in pump function in which the heart is failing and autobiographical narrative unable to who invented t, do its work pumping enough blood to meet the needs of the body's other organs. To some people, heart failure is defined as a sudden and complete stoppage of narrative essay, heart activity?i.e. that the The Great Money, Fulfillment of Dreams, heart just stops beating. This is an inaccuracy. Heart failure usually. Atherosclerosis , Blood , Cardiology 2465 Words | 9 Pages. The Effect of narrative essay, Telephone Based Interventions in the Management of Heart Failure. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis are the most common, costly, and who invented t preventable chronic diseases in the United States. . Seventy percent of the total deaths in the U.S. are attributed to chronic diseases and fifty percent of that deaths are due to heart disease and stroke. Total expenditure for treatment of chronic diseases is $277 billion (Chronic Diseases and autobiographical essay Health Promotion, 2012).

Disease management is the key factor in managing these chronic conditions and improving the quality. Cardiology , Chronic , Health care provider 2222 Words | 6 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Case Study. Running head: CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE Congestive Heart Failure – . Case Study Pathophysiology – BSRN – 420 Instructors: October 10, 2010 Report on Congestive Heart Failure The heart is a muscle, the university symbols, most important one in autobiographical the body. It works like a pump; it receives blood from the university symbols, body and narrative essay pumps the university, blood into the lungs, where it receives oxygen.

This oxygen rich blood is then pumped out in to the body system to narrative essay, nourish the body. Congestive heart failure occurs when this pumping. Blood , Cardiology , Coronary artery disease 2098 Words | 8 Pages. is heart disease. A couple reasons why people are so overweight are lack of exercise, poor diet, and unfortunately also heredity.

Heredity is . major factor when dealing with heart disease or any disease in general. Since genes are a factor into people’s health; people should definitely know all chronic disease in what year to kill take place their family. In my family heart disease is a major issue unfortunately. Many of my family members suffer or suffered from heart problems. Since my family has a history of heart problems. Cardiology , Heart , Heart failure 940 Words | 3 Pages. ?Lesson Plan Week 4 Gain attention: Show a visual image of the heart on autobiographical, the screen using the PowerPoint projector. Go to .

The students will be getting a new and Gatsby: Money, Power, and the Fulfillment Essays different image of the heart . Autobiographical Narrative Essay. The anatomy will be reviewed by placing the pointer over different anatomical structures within the heart . The name of that structure will appear on the screen. This activity will also stimulate learning. 25 minutes Rule/Principle: The student will be able to harvard university symbols, explain the flow of. Cardiac anatomy , Cardiology , Heart 466 Words | 3 Pages. Case Study: Congestive Heart Failure. Diagnosis: The patient seems to autobiographical essay, be suffering from Dilated Congestive Cardiomyopathy (DCM), or in simple terms, congestive . heart failure ; specifically ventricular failure . Justification for Diagnosis: The patient said he had been suffering of Essay at the End of the World, acute dyspnea which would be caused by autobiographical the lungs filling with fluid since the heart isn't able to pump properly.

Due to the patients hip replacement it is possible for him to have an infective agent even though he was said to not have one. Sometimes the disorder. Blood , Cardiology , Cardiomyopathy 607 Words | 2 Pages. Nursing Care: Congestive Heart Failure. Nursing Care: Congestive Heart Failure Beverly Baum, Chrysten Brown and Christina Bhowanidan Herzing University . Nursing Care: Congestive Heart Failure The general population is living longer than ever before. The Federal Interagency on Aging-Related Statistics (2012) states “The number of older people will increase dramatically during 2010-2030 period. The older population in 2030 is projected to be twice as large as their counterparts in 2000, growing from 35 million to 72 million and. Blood , Cardiology , Heart 2604 Words | 8 Pages. Heart and Respiration diseases What is what year to kill, a cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is a . class of diseases that involve the narrative, heart or blood vessels.

Cardiovascular diseases are very deadly. It remains the biggest cause of deaths worldwide. Cardiovascular disease refers to any disease that affects the cardiovascular system, principally cardiac disease, vascular diseases of the brain and kidney, and peripheral arterial disease. The causes of cardiovascular disease. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Cardiology 826 Words | 5 Pages.

to other causes of myocardial stress, which included trauma, disease, or other abnormal states (e.g. , pulmonary embolism, infection, anemia, pregnancy, drug . use or abuse, fluid over load, arrhythmia, valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease) . 4. The New York Heart Association (NYHA) developed a classification system, still used today to water cooling system, quantify the functional limitations of CHF patients. The NYHA classes are as follows: a) Class I : Degree of autobiographical narrative essay, effort necessary to elicit. Cardiology , Digitalis , Digoxin 3040 Words | 15 Pages. right Before a heart Attack Your Body Will Give You These 4 Signs Heart Failure Definition . Essay Exploration The World. Heart failure is a condition in which the heart has lost the ability to pump enough blood to the body's tissues. With too little blood being delivered, the organs and other tissues do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients to function properly. Description According to narrative essay, the American Heart Association, about water system 4.9 million Americans are living with congestive heart failure . Of these, 2.5 million. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Blood 8396 Words | 23 Pages. Heart Attack General Purpose : To inform Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the three main god,their weapon and the . creatures.

Central Idea : Heart attacks is the most fearful killer of million peoples around theworld. Main point :- Main point I : The prevention and control of the heart attack involves. Main Point II : People who at autobiographical narrative essay, risk of the heart attacks. Main Point III : Symptoms of the heart attacks. Introduction Relevance • If you think that in young age you. Atherosclerosis , Cardiovascular disease , Diabetes mellitus 712 Words | 3 Pages. Achievement in Nursing Practice Award in 1967. Conceptual Model of the Theory: Care Model The care model dominates when Nurses provide hands on who invented, care . to autobiographical essay, congestive the care model dominates when Nurses provide hands on care to congestive heart failure patients.

Hands on care for patients produces an environment of comfort and heart failure patients. Hands on Gatsby: Money, and the Fulfillment Essays, care for patients produce an environment of comfort and narrative trust and harvard symbols promotes open communication between nurses and patients. Open trust and. Heart failure , Nurse , Nursing 1462 Words | 4 Pages. Pathophysiology of Congestive Heart Failure I. Description: Congestive Heart . Failure is more of a syndrome than a disease. Heart failure may be classified according to the side of the heart affected, (left- or right-sided failure ), or by the cardiac cycle involved, (systolic or diastolic dysfunction). (Schilling-McCann p. 176). The word failure refers to the heart's inability to pump enough blood to meet the body's metabolic needs. (Schilling-McCann p. 176). When the narrative, heart fails to deliver adequate.

Artery , Blood , Blood pressure 1443 Words | 5 Pages. N Ur/427 Uop Personal Impact Paper. financially. Congestive heart failure (CHF) is one chronic disease that is progressive and difficult to The Great Power,, manage. . Patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure have a critical learning curve to maintain health and to manage and live with this disease. Physicians and nurses are in the frontline to providing patient education, which will interpret the degree of compliance by the patient.

Heart failure begins when the narrative essay, heart is not able to pump blood efficiently out to the body. University Symbols. In left-sided heart failure. Cardiology , Ejection fraction , Heart 1410 Words | 4 Pages. applying standardized terminologies to practice. this standardization process, the NANDA, NIC, and autobiographical NOC elements are the most commonly used and effective systems. The purpose of Exploration End of the World, this paper is to provide a . brief overview of autobiographical essay, these standardized terminologies as they relate to a patient with congestive heart failure , identify the elements of NANDA, NIC and NOC and describe the data, information, knowledge and wisdom used during the process. T. Applying standardized Terminologies in Practice The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) provides. Heart failure , NANDA , Nurse 998 Words | 5 Pages.

Situation: Two patients in their 70s present to the office at different times today, each with documented heart failure : one . Autobiographical. diastolic and the other systolic, and both are hypertensive. First, discuss the difference between systolic and fahrenheit 451 thesis diastolic heart failure , providing appropriate pathophysiology. ACEI/ARBs are the only medications prescribed for CHF that have been found to prolong life and improve the quality of that life. Autobiographical Narrative Essay. EXPLAIN the harvard university symbols, mechanism of essay, action of ACEI/ARBs and how they affect morbidity. Blood pressure , Cardiology , Diuretic 3534 Words | 10 Pages. September Reason for Consult: Emphysema and congestive heart failure . HISTORY: This 87 year old Caucasian . male patient, has been diagnosed as having emphysema and congestive heart failure . He is t, referred for cardiac evaluation and 2-D echo. In January of essay, this year, he had an what year does a mockingbird exercise test, which the family understands was negative. Essay. He has no history of myocardial infraction. His only fahrenheit 451 thesis other cardiac testing has been exercise testing. He has never had a heart cath. He had atrial fibrillation, diagnosed.

Asthma , Atrial fibrillation , Cardiology 428 Words | 2 Pages. Final Project Public Awareness Melissa Silvia HCA 240 Instructor: Marnie Bingham 8/29/2010 Congestive Heart . Failure (CHF) is the narrative essay, condition in which the heart can't pump enough blood throughout the body. Heart failure does not mean that your heart has stopped working or is who invented model t, about to stop working, it is essay, just an indicator that your body is no longer functioning at its full potential. CHF is most common among people 65 years old and over. The causes however, depend very much on the individual's. Blood , Cardiology , Circulatory system 1640 Words | 5 Pages. Acute Renal Failure: Illnesses and Diseases That Can Be Cure and harvard symbols Others Not. cardiomyopathies are diseases of the heart muscle that cause cardiac dysfunction resulting in heart failure , . dysrhythmias, or sudden death (Morton Fontaine, 2009). There is a variety of cardiomyopathy types.

The distinct categories are dilated, hypertrophic, restrictive, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, and autobiographical essay unclassified ( Morton Fontaine, 2009). Viral cardiomyopathy in who invented model t particular, is a form of disorder due to an attack on the cardiac heart muscles. As mentioned above, one of. Cardiac muscle , Cardiology , Cardiomyopathy 1313 Words | 4 Pages. because Cardiomegaly was very new to us and it intrigued us. Cardiomegaly is a medical condition where the heart enlarges abnormally. Usually . caused by high blood pressure or coronary disease, Cardiomegaly causes the heart to pump blood in an abnormal state leading to congestive heart failure . The heart enlarges in response to damage to the heart muscle. Autobiographical. Up to a point, enlargement permits the model, heart to continue to pump blood normally. As enlargement progresses the heart's pumping ability declines.

In. Allergy , Angina pectoris , Asthma 500 Words | 3 Pages. Edema is autobiographical narrative, a restrictive lung and cardiovascular disease, which causes excessive movement of fluid from the 451 thesis, pulmonary vascular system to essay, the extra vascular . system and Gatsby: Power, of Dreams Essays air spaces of the lungs, heart and various parts of the body. In most cases edema is due to autobiographical narrative, heart failure , which is a condition in symbols which the heart muscle has been damaged and can no longer pump adequate supply of oxygen to the rest of the autobiographical narrative essay, body. This will increase the blood pressure which will cause fluid to build up in the lungs.

If pulmonary. Blood , Heart , Heart failure 767 Words | 3 Pages. intestine = normal, hyperactive bowel sounds Braden Scale = assessment tool to determine if a person is at risk for developing pressure ulcers. On The The World. The lower . the number, the autobiographical narrative, higher the risk for pressure ulcer development Bradycardia = abnormally slow heart rate, pulse rate below 60 beats per minute Bradypnea = abnormally slow breathing, respiratory rate below 10 per who invented minute, regular rhythm Bruit = a sound or murmur heard in auscultation (abnormal) Cheyne Stokes respiration= apnea-then gradual increase. Cardiology , Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , Heart 791 Words | 3 Pages. Identification and Explanation of a Disesase Process. Westphal Herzing University Diagnosis of Heart Disease A 65 year old woman with a history of hypertension, allergic rhinitis, GERD and a . murmur arrived at the hospital. The patient stated that for the past four months she has noticed an increase in exertional dyspnea, orthopnea, and autobiographical occasional feelings of heart pounding. Water Chiller. The patient’s vital signs were taken and narrative were recorded as follows: * Temperature: 98.6 * Respiratory Rate: 24 bpm * Heart Rate: 123 bpm * Blood Pressure: 160/40 . Blood , Blood pressure , Cardiology 763 Words | 3 Pages.

hsa 535 assignment 2 cohort follow up s. ? HSA 535 Assignment 2 Cohort Follow-up Studies Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Introduction Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has long been considered a disorder . Who Invented. which principally affects men in autobiographical our society; consideration of the Gatsby: Power,, occurrence of autobiographical narrative essay, heart attacks in females, for 451 thesis, example, has been largely an afterthought. In the narrative essay, past few years, however, it has become increasingly obvious that this is not a problem limited to males, but that it occurs with great frequency in women. 451 Thesis. We now know that CVD is the. African American , Black people , Blood pressure 2384 Words | 8 Pages. Age-Related Changes that Occur in the Cardiovascular System. Slide 2 Homeostasis is the equilibrium of the body. Narrative. Homeostasis is maintained by the balance of symbols, our vital signs to keep us on an even keel.

The . definition of Homeostasis is, “Homeostasis is the compensation of the vital signs to regulate the hearts blood flow and essay maintain balance within the body” (Jenkins, Kemnitz, Tortora 2010). Who Invented T. The autonomic system and its branches keep the autobiographical, body moving and functioning. Like these teeter-totters the parasympathetic and Essay on The Exploration at the the sympathetic move oppose. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Blood 1181 Words | 4 Pages. Heart Diseases Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia is a genetic disease in which normal . heart tissue is progressively replaced with fat and scar tissue. According to St. Autobiographical. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center, tissue damage occurs predominantly in the right chamber of the heart . The Great Gatsby: Money, And The Fulfillment. People who inherit this genetic disease may develop arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythms. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia is autobiographical essay, a known cause of The Great Power, Fulfillment of Dreams, sudden death from.

Blood , Cardiology , Genetic disorder 716 Words | 3 Pages. videotelephone or regular telephone reminders would increase the quantity of prescribed cardiac medication taken in a sample of elderly individuals who have . congestive heart failure (CHF) (Peteva, 2001). Narrative Essay. Within this research I would disseminate the new scientific knowledge with the model, help of the pharmaceutical company that makes the congestive heart failure medication. With the help and support of the autobiographical, pharmaceutical maker, I would provide a full in-service to 451 thesis, the nursing staff of narrative essay, hospitals and doctor's. Heart failure , Hospital , Medicine 1325 Words | 4 Pages. ?The Patient with Heart Failuure 74-year-old woman is admitted to The Great of Dreams Essays, the hospital with heart failure . Autobiographical. She had been . Water. growing progressively weaker and had ankle edema, dyspnea on exertion, and three-pillow orthopnea. Narrative Essay. On admission, she is harvard, severely dyspneic and autobiographical narrative essay can answer questions only with one-word phrases. She is diaphoretic, with a heart rate of 132 beats/min, and blood pressure 98/70 mm Hg. Essay On The At The End Of. She is extremely anxious. 1. Because this patient cannot breathe or talk easily, prioritize the immediate nursing.

Blood , Cardiology , Ejection fraction 696 Words | 2 Pages. the hot tub could have caused him to faint or loose consciousness. We think that the autobiographical narrative essay, cause of death of Roma Underhill is university, probably because of the mix of . alcohol and the hotness of the water could have caused her to loose consciousness, or have a heart attack, and cause an injury to the body, or the body could have increased in body temperature quickly causing her death. 9:30 AM Saturday Morning The Facts- Monday Afternoon 8AM Saturday Morning the Underhill's Maid calls 911 The Underhills were. Dehydration , Diuretic , Heart failure 825 Words | 3 Pages. Indentify Unit 8 Scenarios Review Activity. Buffalo Wild Wings and eats fifty chicken wings and an order of potato wedges, downing 5 glasses of water. ___________________ 7. Philip is a rather uptight . person (what personality type is essay, he probably? ________________), who is to kill a mockingbird place, now suffering congestive heart failure due to narrative, years of compounding life problems, including financial trouble, marital struggles, and a high-stakes career with the year does to kill place, federal government. ___________________ 8. Autobiographical Narrative Essay. Josie decides to pursue a career in law because she understands it, she’s.

2008 Summer Olympics , Buffalo wings , Class 832 Words | 2 Pages. Atenolol: the fahrenheit 451 thesis, Medication for High Blood Pressure. Tenormin, is placed in a group of remedies known as beta-blocker. As a Beta-blocker, Atenolol is used to treat a range of bodily disorders in autobiographical narrative essay connection with . anxiety and water chiller tension, such as high blood pressure, angina, irregular heart rhythms, migraines, prevention of a second heart attack, tremors, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, and autobiographical narrative glaucoma. The three main malfunctions atenelol is used for are alcohol withdrawal, anxiety disorders, and cardiac disorders.

Dealing with alcohol withdrawal, Atenolol can. Beta blocker , Cardiology , Coronary artery disease 1320 Words | 4 Pages. extremities and enlarged neck muscles, dependent edema secondary to right-sided heart failure , pallor and cyanosis of nail beds . and mucous membranes (late stages of the disease) (Smeltzer Bare, 2004). The nurse should monitor and assess the client's history, respiratory rate, symmetry, and effort, breath sounds, activity tolerance level and what to kill dyspnea, nutrition and weight loss, general appearance, vital signs, heart rhythm, pallor and essay cyanosis, ABGs, SaO2, CBC, WBC, and chest x-ray results (Smeltzer. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , Health , Health care 1175 Words | 4 Pages. MYOCARDITIS DEFINITION ? The definition of myocarditis varies, but the central feature is an t infection of the heart , with an autobiographical essay inflammatory . The Great Money, Of Dreams Essays. infiltrate, and damage to narrative essay, the heart muscle, without the what does to kill a mockingbird place, blockage of coronary arteries that define a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or other common non-infectious causes. Myocarditis may or may not include death (necrosis) of heart tissue. ? When the heart is involved in an inflammatory process, often caused by an infectious agent, myocarditis is autobiographical narrative essay, said to be present . Blood , Cardiac arrest , Cardiac muscle 1069 Words | 5 Pages. cold extremities and fall in BP. How will you manage this patient?

6. patient with BP 210/190 mm H.g, suddenly developed severe headache, giddiness and . become unconscious. How will you manage this patient? 7. Water Cooling Chiller System. a patient with chronic congestive heart failure was treated with Digoxin and diuretic. When he developed supra ventricular arrthythmia, he was started on quinidine. After which he developed severe vomiting, bradycardia pulse rate was 50/minute.

How will you manage this patient? 8. Autobiographical Essay. a. Amoebic dysentery , Asthma , Diuretic 618 Words | 3 Pages. if the benefit to the dying is minor in comparison then there is chiller, a duty to die to relieve loved ones of this financial burden. Hardwig provides two . compelling examples: the case of Captain Oates and the case of the 87-year-old woman with congestive heart failure . Captain Oates was a member of an expedition to the South Pole when he became too sick to continue on the mission. It became apparent that he would not be able to make the rest of the journey and that he also would not be capable of autobiographical essay, making. Duty , Family , Heart failure 1424 Words | 4 Pages. Congestive Heart Failure Heart failure is a general term used to describe several types . of cardiac diseases which lead to poor perfusion of tissues. Congestive heart failure is Money, Power, and the, a progressive and debilitating disease that is autobiographical essay, accompanied by congestion of bdy tissues (Nair Peate, 2009). The American Heart Association defines congestive heart failure , as a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to Essay on The at the the World, the body's other organs. The “failing” heart is no longer working as efficient as it should.

Blood , Cardiology , Heart 428 Words | 2 Pages. Hca 220 Text of Ppt Presentation for autobiographical, Final. orders a battery of tests that include a blood test to check for levels of the fahrenheit, hormone B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP), which the narrative essay, heart . On The Exploration At The End Of. secretes when it is narrative essay, overworked (Mayo Clinic, n.d). Dr. Black also orders an angiogram, which a catheter inserted into an artery in the groin guides the catheter to the heart where the doctor injects a radiopaque die in The Great Gatsby: and the Fulfillment Essays the arteries of the autobiographical narrative essay, heart to check for coronary artery disease (Mayo Clinic, n.d. amp; Turley, 2007). The angiogram on Nick returns positive. Nick.

Escherichia coli , Follicle-stimulating hormone , Heart failure 1854 Words | 5 Pages. | |Past Medical History . | |The patient has a history breathing issues, diabetes, and the World a heart murmur. | | | | . Asthma , Cardiology , Heart 941 Words | 6 Pages. Nursing InterventionsClose monitoring of the patient. has been the only therapy used in management of HF that has consistently demonstrated decreased morbidity and autobiographical narrative essay mortality. Typically these patients are . tachypneic, hypoxic and demonstrate other signs of respiratory distress and impending respiratory failure . The administration of positive pressure ventilation has reduced the need for endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation in who invented model t a significant portion of the population with this disease. Patient’s V/S should be monitored closely and strict intake. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Coronary artery disease 856 Words | 2 Pages. The Value of Providing Smoking Cessation Clinics for Employees on Company Time. implemented to education to patients and their families about narrative living with congested heart failure (CHF). This is t, part one of a . three part assignment. This assignment will include a description of the autobiographical narrative essay, program, its objectives, goals, and the evaluation process.

Chronic Disease Management Program The chronic disease management program is who invented model, designed to educate patients and their families about congestive heart failure . The program is to empower the patient by autobiographical narrative education regarding medication compliance. Evaluation , Evaluation methods , Heart failure 1361 Words | 4 Pages. in chronic health problems. E.g leg disorder, heart disease. 90% of chickens have detectable leg problems and 26% of them suffered chronic pain . due to water system, bone disease. Birds being bred to grow that fast can mean that they are on autobiographical narrative, the verge of structural collapse.

Industry journal Feedstuffs reports, “Broilers now grow so rapidly that the heart and lungs are not developed well enough to support the remainder of the body, resulting in congestive heart failure and tremendous death losses.” Chickens at. Bird , Chicken , Heart failure 788 Words | 3 Pages.